147.2…I’m Back….again!

Well hello there! I’m back from my last and final Disney Cruise of the summer! I enjoyed our second trip to Alaska almost as much as the first time. I think because I had seen it already, it wasn’t as exciting but it was still breathtaking.





These photos were taken on the last day at sea. It had been raining most of the trip but on the last day, the sun came out along with a a beautiful rainbow.


The other day that it did not rain was when we went to Tracy Arm to see the glacier. This time the ship got even closer than the last!


What was also different on this cruise was that I worked out 5 of the 7 days we were on the ship! Go me! Once I even ran 5 miles with one of our friends on the jogging track on the ship. I hadn’t run that far since the half marathon! My legs were definitely feeling it for a few days after. I also ate a bit better as well.

Pros and Cons of the second Disney Cruise to Alaska:


  • Not as cold (especially at Tracy Arm)
  • I worked out and ate a bit better = not too bad of a weight gain
  • We had the later seating for dinner this time = more relaxing & less stressful with the kids
  • My daughter liked the Kids’ Club this time and went more often = more breaks for hubby & I
  • I saw Orca whales. It blew my mind. I have always wanted to see an Orca whale in person (besides at Sea World). Unfortunately I don’t have a picture…it all happened too fast!


  • It rained at EVERY port.
  • Because of the weather, the boat rocked a lot more
  • Besides the Orca whales, I did not see as much wildlife

Now that I’m back I’m ready to get back to business. Remember I mentioned that I wanted to loose those “half marathon/vacations” ten pounds?? Well, I’m on a mission starting today. Who’s with me? Anyone want to loose those last few pounds? I’m going to call it “Slim in September.”

This morning I started off the day right with a healthy breakfast. I was so excited to eat the Teddie Peanut Butter that I received from OpenSky before I left…the Super Chunky variety is awesome! I put it on a toasted waffle and had some strawberries on the side.

August 2011 017

Today was a big day at our house. My son started 1st grade today! I have no idea where the summer went! We all piled in the car bright and early this morning and took him to school.

After the big drop off, I went to Zumba class, to my nail appointment and to pick up a sandwich at Subway for lunch.

August 2011 023

My daughter starts school on Monday. She will be going to the preschool at my son’s school. The preschool teacher comes to each child’s home before the school year starts and today was our turn. I think that it is such a great idea to have the teacher come over and see my daughter’s environment, meet the family, etc. Now she won’t be so nervous on Monday when she starts her new school.

Eventually it was time to pick up my son from his first day back. I ate an apple on the way.

August 2011 024

I’ve done a good job tackling the unpacking and getting all the suitcases put away. The amount of laundry I have to do is ridiculous. I’ll save it for another day! Welcome back to me!

Who’s with me on my “Slim in September” challenge?

Where you excited or nervous before the first day of the school year?


  1. I am in for sure! though I have been in attempted health mode for awhile now.... cut out all diet coke, reduced sweets by a TON...ie, 1-2 servings a week of a treat; healthy meals, etc. I also have been exercising consistently - i can always get 3 classes in, I try for 5, and I walk or ride bikes other days. i still am not losing, maybe i am getting old??? ugh. REally dont want to go back to ww and tracking all details like that but may try to do so. I prefer just eating healthy and moderation but it doesnt seem to be working for me this time???? are you going to track/log?

  2. Hi Andrea!! I used to do Weight Watchers (and loved it) but recently stopped my online subscription (too many vacations/social events). I have been using the Lose It app on my Iphone and I really like that! I will track my food on there and I track my workouts/weight on the blog. Have you tried using an app like Losse It or keeping a food diary for a bit? Sometimes it helps to really see what you're eating in order to figure out why you can't loose weight. Sounds like you are doing all the right things though! :)

  3. Hey girl, Welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time and came back home in a great mind set. Way to go with staying active and eating well while on the trip.

    I have 15 that I'd love to lose before the holidays, but oh my heavens! This food-blogging is way too addicting and I keep finding more and more new things I want to cook or bake.

    I'm just focusing right now on being more aware of what I am snacking/eating throughout the day. My workouts have been good, but I want to kick that up a notch as well.

    I'm eating cleaner and healthier foods than ever before, but I still have to remind myself that portions still need to be reasonable.

  4. I use Lose It too and I love it. It's actually fun for me b/c it's so convenient and I have all my customized foods in there (cause you can't trust their info). I enjoy working out on vacation myself because I actually have time since I'm not working. And...I always like late dinner on cruises. The early one seems too hard to make...but then again I only do the dining room on dress up nights. Glad you had fun!!!

  5. I'm in for slim in september!!!! Welcome back - sounds like a great trip, well minus the rain and lack of diverse wildlife. boo. Where are you going next you traveler you?!


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