Temptations were all around last night at dinner at Villa Capri 2. I held strong and kept to my plan. I checked out the menu online and knew exactly what I was going to order. Sometimes that backfires because the online menu and the actual menu differ and they don’t have what I want. That drives me nuts.

Back to dinner…..I splurged on some red wine (it’s good for me right?). :)

August 2011 080 

Our friends ordered fried calamari as an appetizer. They looked so good but I restrained myself. It’s hard for me to have a taste or just a bite of something. I’ll end up eating the whole thing. I guess I’m an all or nothing type of girl!

For my entree, I ordered the Mediterranean salad with Grilled Shrimp.

August 2011 082

I ordered the dressing on the side and I’m extra glad I did because I didn’t like the one it came (it was too sweet) with so I had them bring me a side of the lemon oil vinaigrette. It was a delicious salad! It came with baby greens with chopped red onions, olives, cucumbers, tomatoes, ricotta salata cheese and three large grilled cheese.

My dinner companions had tons of delicious stuff in front of them like garlic bread and rigatoni Bolognese. I did try a little bit of the rigatoni but was able to keep it at that. Go me!  As good as some food tastes, the feeling that I fueled my body with healthy eats is better! Most of the time at least. :)

You’ll be happy to see that I did not eat Teddie peanut butter this morning. I will admit that I wanted to but felt bad eating the same thing for breakfast for almost a week. I decided to make an egg sandwich instead. I toasted a light wheat English muffin and added cooked egg beaters and a slice of low fat Swiss cheese.

August 2011 083

This breakfast really does stick with me the best. It kept me full for a full four hours….most food doesn’t do that for me. ;)

I took the kids to school this morning. It was my daughter’s first day at her new preschool (she is now at the same school as my son). Since she had already met her teacher and seen her classroom, she was comfortable and happy this morning.

I went to Cardio Muscle class and then to Trader Joe’s. I bought some of their “Just Chicken” and decided to incorporate it in today’s lunch. It’s a container of already cooked chicken cut into small strips/pieces. I’ve had it before and it’s really good!

August 2011 092

I make a chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread using the chicken I bought, lettuce and a little bit of light mayonnaise. I had Progresso light soup and a couple of pickle spears as well.

Before I knew it, it was time to pick up my daughter. She gets out of school 2 hours before my son. It will be like this for this year and next year they will FINALLY be on the same schedule.

I came home and had a big bowl of watermelon. Isn’t summer watermelon the best!?!

August 2011 093

The rest of the day will be picking up my son and cooking dinner. Easy peasy.

What temps you in restaurants?

What workout have you never tried and want to? Body Pump! My gym doesn’t offer it.


  1. Great work on your food choices... I had a harder time this weekend, and of course to me its worse as I know good and well not to choose something but sometimes, it just happens. I think red wine is my downfall....and though I dont often get dessert that can do me in when i do!! i did join Lose it, so I logged in all that yummy food I ate friday pm and sat....and I am tracking nicely as of sunday.....Andrea

  2. I never order appetizers, but when someone else does i'm ALWAYS tempted to at least taste... which is a slippery slope for me!

    I want to try zumba again - it's been years! We don't have it here!

  3. Desserts are my downfall. I always have wine (home or out,) but the bread basket can do me in as well.

  4. good job on resisting!! i'm a sucker for wine, bread, AND desserts - eek!

  5. @andrea
    Andrea: Isn't Lose It awesome? Good job on the tracking!

  6. @fittingbackin
    I have a hard time NOT ordering appetizers! :)

  7. You do so well showing restraint. Me, not so much. Salad looks lovely!

  8. I do really like lose it - I have tried many different tracking tools and I find this very user friendly! Now, if I could just stay in my budget, I'd be set...tee hee.
    oh and for something I want to try but havent at the gym....Cycle! I have never done it - no idea why? but I am almost ready to dive in and try it!

  9. Cheese is my downfall, I can eat so much of it!

  10. I really want to get back into some group fitness classes. I used to do them back in my early twenties, but once I got into running I never went back :( I bought a Groupon recently to go to Zumba and Cardio Kick...I need to use it up!


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