144.8…Getting Productive

Last night before dinner I was feeling snacky so I grabbed one of my million bags of Jalapeno Popchips.
August 2011 070
I really love these.

Since it was such a nice day in San Diego, I thought it would be appropriate to barbeque and eat dinner outside.
 August 2011 071
I threw a couple of chicken kabobs, corn on the cob and some baked beans on the grill. For the corn, I put a bit of butter and kosher salt on each cob and wrapped them in foil. While my husband and kids swam, I cooked dinner.
August 2011 072
Delish! I love eating outside on a warm summer evening. I don’t want summer to end!

I was in bed early last night and had a great sleep! I felt really bad making breakfast this morning because it was the same thing I’ve had all week: Teddie Super Chucky Peanut Butter. Why is this stuff so good!?!
August 2011 073
I put it on my current favorite cinnamon waffles and ate some cantaloupe with it. Next it was off to spin class. I had a fabulous workout and came home a sweaty mess.

After a shower, it was lunch time. I heated up some Progresso light soup (my last can in the house-not my favorite soup so I’m glad it’s gone) and made a tuna wrap. I whipped up a quick tuna salad using a bit of light mayo, red onion and pickles and put it in a La Tortilla tortilla with a bit of fresh baby spinach.
August 2011 074
Great lunch!

Remember awhile ago when I cleaned out my bathroom? Well I had a ton of items that I wanted to sell on eBay and I finally put them up today. It took me like 3 hours! I’m so glad that’s done! Now let’s hope they sell. :)

During the eBay extravaganza I had a quick snack:
August 2011 075
Fiber One Honey Squares cereal with almond milk. Still loving this cereal.

My husband is working all day and evening tonight so I’m on my own for dinner. I actually am going to cook tonight! I have a pasta recipe that I’ve been dying to try and tonight’s the night! It involves spinach fettuccine and Greek yogurt. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Do you sell things on EBay?

When your significant other is away, do you cook dinner for yourself?


  1. I don't cook for myself when hubby is gone an in fact I wouldn't cook at all were it not for him!! I'm in SD too. Wasn't last night just the perfect warm summer night? We don't get them a lot here and I loved it.

  2. best of luck with eBay! I've never sold on there but want to - I do use Craigslist though pretty regularly - good stuff!

    I do cook while he's gone!!

  3. I'm addicted to pop chips. Good luck!


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