144.6…Not A Winner

I cooked last night. Yep. It happened…and it felt great! Too bad the recipe I picked wasn’t a winner.

I made Penne with Vodka Sauce from The Food Network magazine.

August 2011 012

Looks pretty good right? It was just ok. The husband didn’t really care for it…we felt like it was lacking something but I’m just not sure what. Oh well, you win some and you lose some. I don’t like to waste food so I put the leftovers in the freezer. Maybe I will add a different sauce to it when I reheat it to change it up.

I’m slowly trying to work my way through all my BlogHer food swag. One of those new products made its way into my breakfast this morning.

August 2011 013

Quaker Oatmeal Squares cereal. I ate it with raspberries and almond milk.

August 2011 014

I really enjoyed it. It had a touch of sweetness and really held it’s crunch until I got to the last bite. Lucky for me, I have another box! :)

I took the kids to the bus and went to Zumba. The instructor really kicked it up a notch (or two) today. Tons of cardio…I left a sweaty mess. Love!

Lunch was easy: I reheated the rest of the Spicy Black Bean and Chicken Tortilla Soup.

August 2011 015

I wish I had had enough for a second bowl. You have to make this soup…it’s so delicious!

The rest of the afternoon has been spent paying bills, cleaning out my inbox and packing. You are not going to believe this but we are going on our SECOND Disney Alaskan cruise next week. I still cannot believe I’m doing the exact same trip twice. Fortunately it’s a good one! The one we are going on next week was booked ages ago with some friends and their kids. Then my husband’s family decided we should all go on a cruise…well, the only one that worked out was the same cruise we were already signed up for…just two months before that one. Insane. So I’m starting to pack for it…you know how I don’t like doing things at the last minute!

All that packing made me hungry! I had an apple and a hard boiled egg for a snack.

August 2011 016

I have to run pick up the kids but before I do, I want to leave you with this awesome method I found on allrecipes.com for hard boiling eggs. They came out perfect!

What do you do with recipes you don’t like? Most of the time I write on them what we didn’t like just in case I want to try it again. Lately I’ve been just tossing them because they are taking up too much room!

What is your favorite kitchen gadget? I love my meat pounder. I pound chicken breasts to even them out (cooks faster and stays juicy) and use it to mince garlic and ginger (just whack it and boom! minced garlic/ginger).

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  1. my husband loves those oatmeal squares and eats them like there is no tomorrow!

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  2. That's kind of funny it's going to be the exact same cruise. Not that I'd be complaining or anything! I'm sure you'll have a great time.

    My favorite kitchen gadget this week is my roux whisk. I love that it lies flat on the bottom of a skillet and makes it a breeze to whisk sauces and gravies.

  3. OMG...I'm horrible at hard boiled eggs! I swear I've tried everything. Can't wait to give this a whirl. If it works, I owe you BIG time! :)

  4. Nicole: you have to try it! It is easy and works perfectly!

  5. So funny how things worked out and you're going on the cruise again! I love my microplane - I went without one for so long I don't know how I lived without it.


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