146.2…Sushi Is A Girl’s Best Friend

I discovered a new granola bar that I like. Thank you Trader Joe’s.

August 2011 001

Have you tried this one? One bar has 130 calories and is pretty filling for a snack. I had one on the way to pick up the kids at the camp bus.

I was a giddy little girl last night when my friend Lisa picked me up for our sushi dinner. You all know I love sushi. LOVE

We tried a new place: RB Sushi. Lisa saw a flyer in a local publication about them having “All You Can Eat Sushi.” Say what!?!

I think I did a decent job.

August 2011 002

August 2011 003

I left full but not overly full which is easy to do with an all you can eat type of place. I would definitely go back to RB Sushi..the service was great and the sushi was delicious. Winner!

Egg Sandwich was the breakfast of choice this morning. I microwaved some egg whites an put it on a wheat English muffin with a slice of low fat cheese.

August 2011 004

I had another one of my mother in law’s fabulous grapefruits as well!

August 2011 005

I took the kids to the bus for camp and went to Zumba. I went to my nail appointment and came home starving for lunch but had no idea what I wanted. I stood in front of the pantry and refrigerator forever. Finally I saw that there was one Trader Joe’s bagel left. I toasted it, added a bit of low fat cream cheese, turkey slices, red bell pepper and lettuce. That was lunch.

August 2011 006

It ended up being pretty good and satisfying. It was a mighty large bagel!

I need to start packing….I’m going to BlogHer this weekend! My first blogger event!

What do you normally eat when you can’t figure out what you’re hungry for?

Have you been to a blogger event? Are you going to BlogHer this year?


  1. I usually end up eating a wrap or a bagel also if I'm not sure. I really like carbs! I haven't been to a blogger event and haven't looked into BlogHer?

  2. yay for a blogger event!! i've only met up with houston bloggers for dinner - it was awesome :)

  3. Looking forward to hearing about BlogHer - wish you would come w/us to the Blathering.


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