143.0…My Freezer is Revealed!

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments regarding my half marathon! I still smile when I think of it. A lot of your suggestions on what I should do next are great!

As for running an entire marathon…I doubt that will happen. 13.1 miles was enough for me. I cannot imagine running twice that! My mind cannot wrap around that concept.

A mini triathlon sounds interesting but I cannot handle swimming in open waters. It FREAKS me out. I can handle the run and the bike would probably be ok but not the swim.

Sky Diving is something I’ve thought of doing. Maybe. But I’d have to be pushed out of the plane for sure.

So I guess I will take some time off from crazy adventures until something calls out my name. :)

I tried to incorporate some of my Mexican food leftovers into breakfast. I made two egg beaters tacos and topped them with guacamole, cheese and salsa:

June 2011 037

They sat in my stomach like a rock for hours. I think maybe it was too heavy for breakfast.

The kids are off school today and tomorrow so I spent most of the day at home getting some work done. I was able to get my nails and toes done. My feet look so much nicer now! The half marathon wreaked a bit of havoc on them.

Lunch was……Mexican leftovers! SURPRISE! This time I made them into a salad:

June 2011 038

Refried beans, rice, chicken, cheese, guacamole and salsa. It was excellent!

Next up was “Dog Smart” with the kids. My son graduated the program today. He has come so far and is so much more comfortable around dogs!!

After that was their swim lesson then home.

And for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…..My Freezer:

June 2011 041

This is the freezer we have in our garage. I have a little one next to my fridge in the kitchen but most stuff goes in this bigger one.

June 2011 042

Here is the shelf where most of my leftovers are. They are either in labeled freezer bags or in plastic containers that I label with masking tape. I received a question recently about how I defrost items and reheat them.

The answer depends on what I’m defrosting. I take the item from the freezer and put it in the fridge to defrost. Most of the time I microwave things to reheat them but if I feel they will get mushy that way, I’ll transfer the food to a baking dish and reheat in the oven.

I hate wasting food so being able to freeze it is a great alternative. It’s also great on days when you don’t feel like cooking!

Before I sign off I will leave you with the video from my fighter jet flight. You can see what I saw! Hope it doesn’t make you throw up. :)

Do you have any freezer tips to share?

What’s in your freezer?


  1. I'm just now getting more into freezer cooking - i'm testing recipes in tubs and figuring out the best way to defrost/reheat - it's slow going but, like you, I love having food on the ready!

    I hear you - I can't wrap my brain around your 13 miles so 26 is just insane to me! Glad your son is doing so well in the program!

  2. I kept waiting for the plane to go completely upside down b/c some of those angles were severe! I understand why you hurled. It seemed so smooth and quiet, it was almost like an animated game or something! So that pilot made that video? My favorite part was the "thanks" at the end! lol! You didn't really have an almond butter english muffin on the plane, did you, or was that what you threw up? lol!

  3. You really took one for the team with the mexican leftovers. I am very proud.

  4. For once in a long time, my freezer is actually full :)

  5. Veronica: Yes the pilot made the video. He has a camera on the plane. And I ate the English muffin for breakfast that morning...not on the plane. :)


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