143.2…A Frozen Noodle

For my “carb loading” dinner the night before the half marathon, I made WAY too much spaghetti. I don’t like wasting food. I freeze pretty much anything I can….so why not spaghetti? I put it in a big zip-loc bag and hoped for the best.

I pulled it out of the freezer for dinner last night. Once it had defrosted, the noodles were perfect!! I served them with some meat sauce I had in the freezer as well as a big salad.

June 2011 080

You would have never known the noodles were frozen!

After yesterday’s egg sandwich, I was crazing another one this morning. I changed it up a bit though. I cooked up a real egg this time and put in on a sandwich thin with a slice of Swiss cheese. The fruit was different too…strawberries. :)

June 2011 081

After taking my son to school, I ran over to FedEx Office to pick up a gift I made for my son’s teachers. I had all the parents submit a drawing their child made, along with a photograph of them and I had it made into a book. They turned out great!

Normally I go to spin class on Tuesdays but the instructor cannot teach spin this summer so the gym is replacing it with another Cardio Muscle class. This works perfectly with my goal of doing more weights workouts this summer. I was already sore this morning…I will be double sore tomorrow!

For lunch I threw together a big salad with tuna salad, romaine and shredded carrots. I drizzled everything with balsamic vinegar.

June 2011 082

I’m trying my best to use up all our produce before we leave for our cruise on Saturday. Speaking of my cruise, I will be “un-plugging” for the whole time. Internet/cell phone service will cost and arm and a leg. So for ten plus days, there will be no phone, texts, internet, blog, facebook, twitter, etc. This is supposed to be good for me right? I hope I can survive!

What’s the strangest thing you have in your freezer right now?

What’s the longest you’ve gone “un-plugged” from technology?

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  1. I would never have thought to freeze spaghetti--but now that I know it works, why not?
    My freezer doesn't have anything interesting in it right now! Well...is 4 pounds of tilapia weird? I've never bought that much at once but it was on a crazy sale!

  2. I think it's a good idea to unplug once in a while, particularly while on vacation so you can fully enjoy your time away instead of getting pulled into a computer or phone and being distracted. That's cool to know about the noodles! The strangest thing in my freezer right now are black bananas, still with the peel on. I like to keep them on hand for baking b/c overripe bananas are the best for baking (sweeter and stronger banana flavor). Oh wait, I forgot you hate them! Hope I didn't make you throw up in your mouth. ;)

  3. Hey girl! Love the new look of your blog! It's fabulous, as are you! I've been MIA for a while and have a lot to catch up on! I have been unplugged now for just 5 days and I had to cave! We are honeymooning in Antigua and their cell service is the pits! I signed onto to their server to write an email to my mom and decided I wanted to read some blogs! Glad I did, enjoy your cruise!!

  4. Veronica: I actually have frozen black bananas in my freezer too! I don't mind them in baked goods. :)

  5. WOW!! 10 days without internet seems a little strange....but hopefully you'll be having so much fun you don't even notice!

    I love hearing about all the things you freeze...so then I have a better idea of things I can freeze too :)


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