142.6…Bon Voyage!

Finally a Saturday morning that I got to sleep past 7AM. No meeting my team to go running at the crack of dawn!

Last night we met some friends at our club for dinner. I had a glass of wine and a few appetizers they had out for everyone.

June 2011 097

A mini slider and hummus with crackers.

We sat down for dinner and I ordered the Beef Tenderloin. It came with a lobster béarnaise and pea tendrils and green beans.

June 2011 098

After all that pasta for the past few days, it was nice to have a big piece of protein!

After a fabulous sleep I woke up to have some coffee and make breakfast. I had the last grapefruit as well as two slices of raisin bread with peanut butter.

June 2011 099

Then it was off to a very sweaty spin class! I worked out every day this week. Super proud of myself! Hopefully I banked enough calories to get me through our vacation for the next 10 days. :)

Lunch was a struggle. This is all I had left:

June 2011 100

Hot dogs, carrots and hummus. I ended up having a second hot dog. I love hot dogs. :)

Next up on the agenda: get dressed, finish packing and hit the road for my mother in law’s house. We will stay there tonight and then had to the Los Angeles airport tomorrow morning for our flight to Vancouver Canada. We stay there two nights and then head to our Alaskan Disney cruise for 7 nights. I will be “unplugged” the entire time!

So Bon Voyage folks! Don’t miss me too much….but don’t forget me either!


  1. Have a wonderful time...cannot wait to see a recap:)

  2. Have fun, Mel! Can't wait to see all the pics when you get back. :)

  3. SOOO jealous! Hope you have a great time!

  4. Have a great time on your vacation!

  5. You guys are going to have such a blast!! I can't wait for recaps and pics!

  6. You travel more than anyone I know! Have a great trip - have fun being unplugged. We'll be here when you get back~

  7. I loooove carrots + hummus!

    Have a great vacation!!

  8. hope you're having a fabulous time!!


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