143.4…Bring on the Weights!

I did something very rare yesterday. I took a nap. Not just any nap…a nap that lasted over three hours!! I cannot tell you the last time that happened. My husband and the kids didn’t get home from Palm Springs until late in the afternoon so I took advantage of the time!

We decided on Souplantation for dinner. I was excited….I needed some veggies in my life!

June 2011 076

I had a huge salad, chili and pizza bread. Their pizza bread rocks my world.

Even after taking a long nap, I was able to fall asleep very easily last night. Las Vegas wore me out.

Hopefully my meals this week won’t bore you. I’m trying to use up what we have in our fridge before we leave for our cruise this weekend. I was happy to see that I still had all the ingredients for a nice egg beater sandwich this morning.

June 2011 077

My son still has school this week so my husband took him. Later on I went to my Cardio Muscle class. I haven’t been in three weeks because of all my half marathon training/recovery. I have not lifted a single weight in three weeks! I love lifting weights!

I decided during today’s Cardio Muscle class that I need to focus on weight lifting this summer. I love to challenge myself and love the feeling of lifting weights. I also love how strong I feel during and after a good weights workout.

Funny side note: I keep a pair of 15lb weights in my car to bring to Monday’s Cardio Muscle classes. The heaviest weights in the room where the class is taught is 10lbs. That is not enough for me when I’m doing biceps, squats/lunges or chest work. So every Monday I walk into class carrying these weights on my shoulders and leave the class carrying them back to my car. I’m sure people who see me walking with them think I’m weird. I’m not weird, just strong. :)

After I class I changed and ran a ton of errands. Along the way I grabbed a sandwich from Subway for lunch.

June 2011 078

I ordered avocado on my sandwich today. I love avocado but never get it at Subway. I really liked how delicious my sandwich tasted with it.

My daughter and I went to pick up my son from school. On the way to their “Dog Smart” appointment, I snacked on a Fiber One bar that I found in my purse.

June 2011 079

It was pretty squished but it did the job.

So along with getting more weights in this summer, I really want to focus on drinking a ton of water and eating as many fruits and veggies as possible. Who’s with me?

Do you like lifting weights?

What are your summer goals?


  1. That just may be the prettiest subway sub i've seen yet! <3 and Obv I hate you for you sloop pantation dinner =) hate hate hate... but I love ya regardless =) mwah!

  2. Love lifting weights as well. You rock it with the 15lb'ers! My gym has 10's, 12.5 and 15lb dumb bells for the classes, but I haven't made it to the 15's yet.

    I am good with fruits and veggies, but I definitely need to drink more H20. I've never been a fan of drinking water...it's a chore. ;-/

  3. Yeah for 15 pounds! I usually life 12-17 pounds for free weights at the gym and try to do heavier if I am using machines.

  4. I need to start lifting weights too. Oh....and go to the gym while I'm at it :) That would be the logical first step!

    Girl, I'm jealous of all your travels!

  5. 15 pounds would kill me! You ARE strong. I need to start lifting weights again, I haven't since March. It's time. I've never seen avocado at Subway--I'll have to see if ours has it here.


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