143.0…What Next?

Seriously, how do I top the half marathon!?! I feel like I need a new goal. What should it be??
Yesterday morning’s breakfast was simple:
Half Marathon June 2011 004
Trader Joe’s Strawberry Yogurt O’s cereal with almond milk. 

My husband took the kids to school yesterday. I popped into the shower (actually hobbled into the shower…legs are still sore!) and then ran to the store to pick up stuff for my daughter’s end of year school party in which  I was co-hosting.

I picked her up from school and took her to the party. It was a success! My room mom duties are done!!!! YES!!!!!! At the party I had a piece of pizza and some chips.

We picked up my son, went to swim lessons and came home for dinner. I have a RIDICULOUS amount of Mexican food left from my half marathon celebration party. So you will be seeing a lot of it. Dinner looked like this:
June 2011 001
Chicken tacos, cabbage salad and refried beans. Still tasted amazing.

This morning’s breakfast was raisin bread (finally bought some) with peanut butter and strawberries.
June 2011 002
I took the kids to school and came home to shower. My friend Alicia hosted a birthday brunch for my friend Dina today. Check out the cupcakes that Lisa brought for Dina:
June 2011 003
Dina loves Tory Burch. Tory Burch cupcakes!!!!! I could die.
June 2011 004
The spread was awesome:
June 2011 005
I had some ham and cheese quiche, croissant and a bite of each cupcake.

After brunch, I ran some errands, picked up the kids from school and went to swim class yet again.

Hubby is working late tonight so I had Lisa and her kids come to dinner for…..
June 2011 008
Mexican!!! Big surprise!!!!!!

So now it’s your turn: What should be my next adventure????

Last year was P90X, this year was the fighter jet and the half marathon. What next?


  1. I don't know what you can do to top all that...pole dancing lessons? Hehe. Hey, did you see on my blog from awhile back that Cupcake Love is doing the cupcakes for my wedding? Yummy yummy.

  2. I made my goal after my fist half marathon to do a sprint triathalon the following year, this year, but I still haven't done one! I need to find one to sign up for! I am very afraid of that goal though...I think triathalons sound hectic and it makes me very nervous!

  3. How about a short triathalon? Or just a biking and run race?

  4. hmmm, i'm not sure what the goal should be. what about a full marathon?!

  5. I love your adventures!! Those cupcakes are so cute - ive already sent the link to two friends who swear by that designer!

    I'm with Sam - full marathon? Or maybe the biking/running race? Or maybe sky diving? (have you done that already?)

  6. Well, I am doing the P90x - you could do that. Also dont you just love that TJ's cereal, it never gets mushy! So tasty.

  7. You've done P90X? What did you think? I really want to do it but am kind of scared to commit. The easy answer to what's next (though not as easy to accomplish) would be a full marathon. Or maybe a triathalon?

  8. Veronica: Here is my review on P90X:


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