143.8...A Masquerade Ball

After our crazy weekend, I was too tired to make anything for dinner Monday night besides pasta. 

IMG 4867

Boil some pasta. Open a jar of marinara. Heat it up. Combine. Eat. 

Tuesday morning it was back to reality!

IMG 4868

I missed you, my favorite breakfast!

I took the kids to school, then went to Cardio Strength class at the gym. Lunch was a Grilled Chicken Greek Salad from Marketplace Grill.

IMG 4871

I went to an event at the school, then brought my kids home. My son had a flag football game last night so I made myself some Amazing Salmon and a salad for dinner before we left.

IMG 4876

Today is a very special day in history!

IMG 4884

Back to the Future Day! That was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up. I’ve probably seen it at least 100 times.


IMG 4885

I ran out of English muffins (the horror!) so I had to resort to wheat toast. 

Today I attended the annual Dia Del Sol event at The Grand Del Mar with some friends. The event benefited the United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego. I attended last year and really enjoyed the event. The theme was Venetian Masquerade Ball.

IMG 4902

Everyone received a beautiful mask to wear with our Masquerade Ball attire.

IMG 4888

IMG 4890

IMG 4891

IMG 4909

After some speakers and a fashion show, lunch was served.

IMG 4896

IMG 4898

Thank you Lisa for inviting us to such a fun event benefitting such a worthy cause!

IMG 4901

IMG 4905

IMG 4906

IMG 4910

IMG 4908

IMG 4907

After the event, I went to my son’s second flag football game of the week. 

Dinner was another easy meal of spaghetti, sauce and salad. The three “S’s”!

IMG 4911

Where you a fan of the Back to the Future series? Which one was your favorite? Number 2 for sure!

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