144.0...Bitch I'm Madonna!

My inner 8 year old self was on cloud nine last night. I attended my first Madonna concert. 

IMG 5032

When I was little, I adored Madonna. I cut out every picture I could find of her and glued it in a scrapbook. I knew the words to all her songs, watched all her videos over and over again and even formed a little singing group in my second grade class called: The Madonna Sisters. I was obsessed. 

Last night it was like I was 8 again. My friends and I all dressed up as different versions of Madonna throughout the years. 

IMG 5021

We all met at Lisa’s house to get ready for the night. 

IMG 5022

IMG 5023

IMG 5025

IMG 5035

We enjoyed snacks and tons of laughs before heading off to the concert.

IMG 5038

IMG 5039

IMG 5042

IMG 5056

IMG 5134

IMG 5142

IMG 5141

We boarded our “party bus” and the laughs continued!

IMG 5132

IMG 5063

IMG 5069

IMG 5118

IMG 5123

Apparently our group caused quite a stir... people would not stop asking to take photos with us. Lol. Dina  captured some of the action.

IMG 5108

IMG 5109

IMG 5110

This went on and on. It’s hard to be famous! ;)

It was finally time to go to our seats!

IMG 5071

Unfortunately, we weren’t all sitting together. 

IMG 5139

We had plenty of time to take more photos though since Madonna came on late…I think it was close to 10PM! 

IMG 5078

IMG 5140

IMG 5087

The concert finally started! 

IMG 5090

Most of the time, I stood there thinking: I can’t believe Madonna is right THERE!

IMG 5099

IMG 5107

She sang a ton of her old songs which I loved. It was a great concert….I cannot believe Madonna is 57 years old!! She looked amazing!!

IMG 5137

It was another night in the record books that I will never forget. 

IMG 5136

Thank you to all my other Madonnas for such a fabulous evening!!!!

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