145.0...Late to the Party

I had an early dinner of spaghetti and salad last night before running out the door to take my son to his flag football game.

IMG 4754

After the game, I took him home then went to Bunco at Dina’s house. I was super late to the party but at least I showed up eventually!

Dina had an amazing spread of different pizzas and desserts. Lisa was sweet enough to take a few food photos for me!

IMG 4756

IMG 4758

IMG 4757

I did grab a couple pieces of pizza and a cannoli on my way out the door. Better late than never! 

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 4759

I took the kids to school, went to a meeting and an appointment. I met Lisa and Alicia for lunch at Sushiya. We are sushi addicts for sure. 

Miso soup:

IMG 4760

Red Dragon & Spanish rolls:

IMG 4761

Yellowtail, Salmon and Tuna sushi:

IMG 4762

Spicy Albacore roll:

IMG 4763

All winners! 

I went to my son’s other flag football game this afternoon (he’s on two teams) and came home. Tomorrow we are off to Chicago, South Bend and Green Bay for a football-packed weekend!

Are you a person that always shows up on time or is always running late? I’m ridiculously on time to things.

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