I reheated the Taco Lasagna for dinner Tuesday night. 

IMG 4658

I needed a quick dinner because we had to race out the door for my son’s first flag football game. They ended up losing but it was such a fun game to watch!

Breakfast yesterday morning:

IMG 4676

I dropped the kids off at school then drove to the Hotel del Coronado to join my husband at a work retreat that we were invited to. I wasn’t able to go Tuesday night because of the football game but was able to enjoy 24 hours of a staycation at the hotel. 

There were various actives to choose from yesterday and we had decided on going sailing. There were four other sailboats and we raced each other and our team ended up in second place. Besides the racing, we did see some sea lions along the way!

IMG 4682

After sailing, we came back to the hotel for a buffet lunch.

IMG 4687

Lunch was good but I wasn’t a big fan of the biscotti cookies. Kinda boring. Oh well…can’t win them all!

IMG 4688

We were treated to afternoon massages and a delicious buffet dinner.

IMG 4689

Dessert was a couple of different cobblers (chocolate and pumpkin) as well as S’mores made in their pizza oven!

IMG 4690

After dessert, we played in Texas Hold Em Tournament. I quickly learned how to play and had a great time! 

After a delicious breakfast buffet this morning, my staycation was over and I headed home. 

IMG 4691

I had to take my dog Arnold to the vet for an ongoing ear infection. Back to reality! 

Lunch was a turkey sandwich and the last of the Chili Mac Soup.

IMG 4693

I’m looking forward to watching football on the couch tonight!

When was the last time you had a “staycation”? What was the reason?

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  1. I am trying to get my sister to commit to just ONE day to go downtown to Chicago to spend the night and eat out, but she keeps balking at the idea - crazy!

  2. @Biz
    Sounds like a blast! If I lived closer, I would join you!


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