144.0...Dinners from the Freezer

My husband has been working a lot and not home for very many dinners recently so I haven’t been inspired to cook. That’s where my friend the freezer comes in handy.

Take last night for instance. I pulled this out of my freezer for dinner. 

IMG 4995

My mom recommended it to me so I bought a package last time I was at Trader Joe’s. It turned out pretty well! Easy to make and tasty! 

IMG 4996

Winner winner, freezer dinner!

Breakfast today:

IMG 4997

After taking the kids to school, I went to Cardio Strength class at the gym. Afterwards it was a couple of appointments, then home for lunch. Salami sandwich and a salad:

IMG 4998

Tonight my son has a flag football game. I foresee some more freezer items on my dinner table tonight...

Is any part of your dinner coming from the freezer tonight?

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