144.4...Omega Overload

It was an Amazing Salmon kind of night last night.

IMG 4694

This is seriously my favorite salmon recipe ever.

My favorite breakfast is still going strong:

IMG 4695

I went to Zumba after I took the kids to school. I went to my dentist appointment, then lunch with Alicia at Sushiya

Miso soup:

IMG 4696

Yellow tail, salmon and tuna sushi:

IMG 4697

El Fuego & Spanish rolls:

IMG 4698

I think I’ve definitely gotten my Omega 3’s in over the last 24 hours! 

My son was supposed to go to basketball practice tonight but he’s not feeling so hot so he is skipping it. Actually, he is literally feeling hot….I think he’s just dehydrated. Easy to happen when it’s 100 degrees where we live today!

Any fun weekend plans?

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