Saturday night was a beautiful evening. I grilled chicken kabobs and corn for dinner. On the side was potato salad, leftover Creamy Cole Slaw and Mexican Bean Salad

IMG 4349

After dinner, we celebrated with a USC victory over Idaho! Go Trojans!!

Sunday morning’s breakfast was the usual:

IMG 4359

We went to the Chargers game with Alicia and her family. I had to laugh at this page in the Chargers magazine:

IMG 4363

Hmm….I’ve never seen the referees look like that when doing those NFL signals. The Chargers beat the Lions! Another celebration!!

I didn’t eat a ton at the game…a pretzel and some chips and nacho cheese. We were planning on going over to Alicia’s for dinner so I wanted to save up for that. 

I’m glad I did! Alicia and Joe made hamburgers and hotdogs. I had a hot dog, half a hamburger and sweet potato fries. Yum!

IMG 4368

Today’s breakfast:

IMG 4369

The celebrations continued this morning at the Morada restaurant at The Rancho Santa Fe Inn for Nora’s birthday!

IMG 4381

Lisa helped organize the breakfast for 24 of Nora’s closest friends. 

IMG 4374

Besides organizing the beautiful event, Lisa took all the photos! Everyone was to dress in any combination of navy, pink and green. It made for spectacular pictures!

IMG 4373

IMG 4378

IMG 4379

IMG 4377

IMG 4380

IMG 4382

IMG 4384

IMG 4385

IMG 4383

IMG 4386

IMG 4388

IMG 4387

Eventually we all sat down for breakfast. Well, my breakfast number two! I enjoyed the Egg White Frittata with mushrooms and arugula. Delish!

IMG 4372

IMG 4375

IMG 4376

Happy Birthday Nora!! 

What was the last person/thing you celebrated?

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