Bunco at Silvana’s last night was outstanding! Silvana’s “theme” was Tapas Night. Who doesn’t love lots of little bites of delicious food!?!

IMG 3296

IMG 3323

IMG 3306

IMG 3319

IMG 3321

IMG 3333

IMG 3345

IMG 3341

Check out this spread that Silvana made!

IMG 3300

IMG 3309

IMG 3310

IMG 3311

IMG 3312

IMG 3325

IMG 3313

IMG 3315

Everything was perfect. You are the Tapas Master, Silvana!! 

IMG 3314

IMG 3317

IMG 3340

This was plate number one of two:

IMG 4393

As if things couldn’t get any better….

IMG 3352

Mango Tart for dessert!

IMG 3349

Thank you Silvana for such a fun evening!!!! You are definitely the hostess with the mostess. xoxo

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 4395

After drop off, I went to the gym for some boring treadmill time. I had a PTO meeting a bit later and didn’t have enough time to take a class.

After the meeting, I came home. Lunch was a tuna sandwich and a salad. 

IMG 4397

I went to an appointment, then to pick up the kids from school. Next up: my son’s flag football practice and basketball tryouts. Dinner will fit in there somewhere….

Are you a fan of bite-size food like I am? Cuz when food is small you can eat more of it, right!?! :)

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