144.8...Hot & Spicy to the Rescue

I was feeling a bit under the weather last night. Could be allergies, the crazy weather we are having or maybe I just have a cold. Who knows? In any case, I didn’t feel like doing much cooking and that’s when I’m thankful for all the delicious stuff in my freezer. This time I pulled out Tikka Masala and reheated it. I made basmati rice and peas and dinner was done. 

IMG 4389

It was hot and spicy and fit the bill. I like spicy food anyway but when you’re not feeling the best, it sure hits the spot!

After a great sleep, I felt a bit more like myself today.  My breakfast was the usual. 

IMG 4390

I went to spin class and got some serious sweat on. Another way to make me feel better. I don’t always work out when I’m sick but sometimes if it’s just about the neck (which it is), a good sweat can help.

Lunch was turkey sandwich and a salad.

IMG 4391

I have Bunco tonight which always makes me feel better no matter what!

Do you workout when you’re sick?

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