148.8...A Decade

Wednesday night presented another “defrosted meal”. Take a container of Tomato Cream Sauce out of the freezer, reheat it, add some pasta and dinner is done.  

IMG 1599

By the way, I feel like this sauce tasted even better this time around!! It went very nicely with the Caesar salad I made. 

IMG 1600

Yesterday was a big day at our house. My son turned 10. TEN! I have a child who is a DECADE old. How did that happen!?! I remember being ten like it was yesterday….

Breakfast was Fage yogurt with berries.

IMG 1601

After I took the birthday boy and his sister to school, I went to the gym for Sculpt class. That was followed by errands and an appointment, then home for lunch. Tuna salad with veggies:

IMG 1602

I went back to the school to celebrate my son’s birthday in his class. Then we took a couple of his friends to go on his annual birthday hike at Torrey Pines down to the beach. 

IMG 1618

Couldn’t have been a more beautiful day for a birthday hike!

Another annual birthday event for my son is dinner at PF Changs, his favorite restaurant. I had a cup of egg drop soup to start.

IMG 1626

Followed by Ginger Chicken & Broccoli with brown rice.

IMG 1627

There was birthday cake but I did not partake. I excused myself to the restroom so I didn’t have to be tempted by its deliciousness. ;)

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters, avocado and half a grapefruit.

IMG 1629

The kids have been dropped off and now I’m at Starbucks before heading to the airport for my flight.

IMG 1630

Yep. Another flight. This time to New Jersey for my nephew’s baptism. This will be a short trip…home on Sunday night. As much as I’m dreading all the flying time in a short period of time, I’m looking forward to spending time with family!

What birthday traditions did you have as a child?

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