Two Nights in Bangkok....

Our trip began Wednesday night…we picked up Joe and Alicia and hit the road for LAX airport.

IMG 7249

IMG 7248

Before we left, we picked up Los Primos for dinner. I split a bean and cheese burrito and carne asada mini tacos with my husband.

IMG 7247

We finally arrived at LAX, checked out bags and enjoyed some cocktails before the rest of the group arrived. 

IMG 7251

Finally everyone was there and we were ready for our almost 15 hour flight to Hong Kong. 

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IMG 7255

When we arrived in Hong Kong, we had some time to spare so we enjoyed some Thai food in the airport lounge. 

IMG 7259

Eventually it was time for our 3 hour flight to Bankgkok, Thailand. 

IMG 7260

After almost 30 hours of travel, we finally reached our hotel, The Peninsula Bangkok.

IMG 7266

The view from our room wasn't too shabby. 

IMG 7261

IMG 7262

IMG 7263

We all showered and met up for lunch. We took a boat across the river.

IMG 7268

IMG 7265

Our hotel recommend we try Tongue Thai for lunch. 

IMG 7270

It was the most charming little place complete with amazing Thai food. 

IMG 7269

 I had spicy noodles with pork. They were excellent. They really know how to do spicy food here.

After lunch we walked around a bit and enjoyed a ride on a train. 

IMG 0599

IMG 0600

IMG 0601

IMG 7273

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IMG 7274

We walked through Siam Shopping Mall and saw the most crowded, crazy food court I've ever seen. 

IMG 7275

Eventually, lack of sleep started to hit everyone so we came back to the hotel for a nap. We met up a bit later at the hotel restaurant for dinner. I wasn't super hungry so I just ordered wonton soup. 

IMG 7280

Yesterday's breakfast was at the buffet. I had toast with herb cream cheese, lox and salami. 

IMG 7281

We took at boat ride to The Grand Palace. Boat ride selfie: 

IMG 7288

It was INSANELY hot and humid there and we had to wear long dresses and cover our shoulders. 

IMG 0610

IMG 0613

IMG 0614

IMG 0616

IMG 0618

IMG 0620

IMG 0622

IMG 0626

We tried to entertain ourselves and get our minds off the heat by "planking" and other random poses. 

IMG 7290

IMG 7291

We walked around as long as we could before heading to lunch at Chote Chitr. It was hot. I was thirsty. All they had was beer. Desparate times….

IMG 0667

Can't remember the last time I had a beer….

I ordered the Pad See Ew: fried rice noodles with pork. 

IMG 7282

These weren't as good as the noodles at Tongue Thai. 

We took a few "tuk tuks" back to the boat headed back to the hotel. 

IMG 7287

We cooled off at the hotel by going to the pool. It was an extremely good call. Not only did the refreshing water make us feel better but I had the best fried rice of my life there. It was my friend Alexis' fried rice and I didn't take a picture of it because I didn't plan on eating any. But I'm so glad I tried it. Epic. 

Dinner last night was at Baan Khanitha.

IMG 7293

We were brought these appetizers which I could only describe as Thai lettuce wraps. 

IMG 7294

They weren't the best. I ordered more fried rice. 

IMG 7295

Couldn't hold a candle to the fried rice at the pool. We weren't impressed with Baan Khanitha. 

After dinner we headed over to The Sky Bar  where a part of Hangover II was filmed. The views were incredible!

IMG 7299

IMG 7296

IMG 7298

I tried their signature cocktail, The Hangovertini. There was no description on the menu but I took a chance on it. Now I know where there was no description: it tasted horrible. My friend Jessica described it as nasty river water with some whiskey thrown it. Nice. 

This morning we had to get up early to head to the airport for our flight to Phuket. We enjoyed breakfast at the buffet.

IMG 7301

At the airport, there was a McDonald's and for whatever reason, we all went nuts and had to have some. I think we just needed a break from Thai food. 

One of the options at this particular McDonald's was a Tuna Pie: "It's Crisp. It's time for tuna pie!"

IMG 7303

No thank you. I stuck with a cheeseburger and some of my husband's fries. 

IMG 7304

I'm blogging away on the plane…it's almost time to land in Phuket!!

Ever eat fast food in a foreign country?

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