A Thai Anniversary

Just like that, our Thailand trip is coming to an end. We are on our way to Hong Kong for a 7 hour layover followed by a 13 hour flight to Los Angeles, then a 2 hour drive to San Diego.

We enjoyed Wednesday's morning's breakfast in our room again. Poached eggs, toast and bacon.

IMG 7581

The rest of the day was spent at the beach. 

IMG 7587

My favorite meal to eat pool/beachside (for whatever reason) is a tuna sandwich and fries. And that's exactly what I ordered for lunch. It wasn't Thai food. It was fabulous. 

IMG 7591

We call this: "not sucking".

IMG 7607

We decided to venture out for dinner (otherwise know as: run from Thai food as fast as you can). We ended up at Catch Beach Club. 

IMG 7598

It was a little swanky joint with a DJ and a buffet. The buffet had sushi. I had gone to heaven.

IMG 7603

IMG 7604

Pizza, sushi….does it get any better? It does actually…they had a pasta station there and I ordered penne with pink sauce, parmesan and garlic.

IMG 7605


Their dessert….eh….not so good. You can't have it all, right?

IMG 7606

Breakfast yesterday morning was eggs, toast and bacon again. Groundhog day.

IMG 7609

IMG 7610

Speaking of Groundhog Day, we went to the beach again and a tuna sandwich and fries happened. Again. 

IMG 7612

Yesterday was my 11th wedding anniversary! You know how we celebrated??

IMG 7617

IMG 7618

IMG 7619

IMG 7620

IMG 7621

IMG 7622

Thai food!! 

Things were looking up for dessert:

IMG 7623

Chocolate cake!                   

With fruit in it.

I can't win. 

Seriously…the accommodations and staff where we stayed were amazing. I won't miss the humidity or Thai food but I'll miss our little Thai family:

IMG 7624

Before we left for the airport this morning, I had cereal and coffee. 

IMG 7632

We got packed up and loaded into the vans for the airport. 

IMG 7633

I said goodbye to our little piece of paradise.

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  1. Having lived in Asia for 5 years, we have hit Thailand many times. I love it, and Thai food, but it can get old! Looks like you had a great trip!


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