Tigers and Thai Food

Thai food. I wouldn't be sad if I never saw it again in my life. It's been over a week and I'm over it. I find every opportunity not to eat it. Breakfast for instance...

IMG 7502

A few mornings ago, I ordered an omelet and a bagel with lox and cream cheese. 

IMG 7503

It got so bad that we ventured out to the local mall and had pizza at The Pizza Company.

IMG 7505

IMG 7506

Can't say it was the best pizza I've ever had but it wasn't Thai food!

Neither was the Haagen Daaz ice cream!

IMG 7507

When we got back to the hotel we rested up for dinner. Bring on the Thai food.

IMG 7509

Oh yeah….and the pizza some of our friends brought back from their travels that day. I'm not the only one sick of Thai food. 

IMG 7510

Then these Thai chicken wings arrived. I have to say, I was all over those. All they needed was a little Frank's hot sauce...

IMG 7511

IMG 7512

IMG 7513

We went out to the Simon Cabaret (aka Lady Boy Show). I giggled a bit when I saw this sign:

IMG 7515

Good thing I left my durians at the hotel. Lol.

The show was pretty stupid and was a complete tourist trap but it was still entertaining nonetheless. 

Breakfast yesterday morning was pancakes, bacon and toast. 

IMG 7516

We went to the beach for a few hours. Beautiful.

IMG 7520

IMG 7521

We had lunch at the resort restaurant. Guess what I didn't order…Thai food. I went straight for the cheeseburger and fries.

IMG 7524

Pretty delicious. 

We went back to the pool to swim for a bit. It rains here quite a bit. Joe and Dave got caught in the rain.

IMG 7525

More Thai food for dinner. 

IMG 7526

IMG 7527

IMG 7528

IMG 7529

IMG 7530

IMG 7531

I think one of the issues I'm having with the Thai food is that everything is starting to taste the same. I'm craving other flavors. 

Look what someone brought me back from a vending machine:

IMG 7508

IMG 7532

That's serious desperation, my friends. 

We went last night to see Muay Thai Boxing.

IMG 7536

IMG 7533

IMG 7534

IMG 7537

IMG 7538

Afterwards, we hit Patong Beach again and they headed back to the hotel.

Breakfast this morning was a giant plate of bacon.

IMG 7539

:) And poached eggs that arrived later.

We took a trip out to Tiger Land where you can go into tiger enclosures and pet them. Yep. Pet live tigers. 

IMG 7540

IMG 7554

IMG 0691

IMG 0693

IMG 0712

IMG 0726

IMG 0728

IMG 0756

IMG 0763

IMG 0775

What does one do after petting giant tigers? Go Kart racing!

IMG 0788

IMG 0797

For lunch we ended up at Casa Mia Italian Restaurant by our hotel. There wasn't Thai food on the menu. 

IMG 7568

My husband and I shared a Caesar salad and bruschetta. 

IMG 7569

IMG 7570

I was so over joyed with these fabulous flavors that I couldn't stand it. 

IMG 7571

Pizza Margherita: 

IMG 7573

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce:

IMG 7574


IMG 7575

Life changing meal. Fabulous Italian food and such a nice break from Thai! I see myself going back to Casa Mia for sure.

We came back to the hotel and I took a nap. Dinner was more Thai food with the group. I still was full from lunch so I basically skipped dinner. I did eat the ice cream off the dessert plate with fried bananas and pineapple.

IMG 7577

The weather here is insanely hot and humid and sucks the life right out of you…I'm off to bed!

Any foods you're currently sick of?

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