Elephants and Fruit Plates: Adventures in Phuket

Greetings from Phuket, Thailand!! We arrived safely on Sunday to this view from our room:

IMG 7306

I may never leave.

Lunch was served and we all gathered around the table to enjoy some beautiful Thai food. 

IMG 7308

I'm not going to lie: I'm pretty sick of Thai food at this point. Everything is starting to taste the same and there's only fruit for dessert. You know how I feel about fruit. :) Somehow I will power through. Maybe I won't gain so much weight in the process.

We enjoyed the rest of the day at the pool.

IMG 7310

Dinner was…more Thai food! 

IMG 7312

IMG 7313

IMG 7314

IMG 7315

IMG 7316

IMG 7317

After dinner, we went to Patong Beach.

IMG 7318

This is one the craziest places I've ever been. Beyond sensory overload. I cannot say much else…what happens in Patong Beach, stays in Patong Beach.

I was excited about breakfast yesterday morning.

IMG 7319

An omelet. Nothing Thai about it. 

Back to the pool we went. Lunch was…..

IMG 7321


Then, a special friend arrived. Her name was Pinky and I fell in love. 

IMG 7478

IMG 7483

IMG 7385

IMG 7407

IMG 7495

One of the most awesome experiences for sure. 

Last night was Jason and Tracy's birthdays. We enjoyed a special dinner in their honor. 

IMG 7485

IMG 7489

IMG 7490

IMG 7496

IMG 7497

Thai! :)

And the famous fruit plate for dessert:

IMG 7498

I do have to say…the food is so beautiful to look at! 

All my dreams came true when the birthday cake arrived. 

IMG 7501

Life was complete. Almost. A cheeseburger would be really nice. 

IMG 7493

Alicia and I. We are also really enjoyed the extreme heat and humidity here. :)

When you travel, do you eat the local cuisine the entire time or do you mix it up?

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  1. Wow, what an incredible experience! Love the baby elephant. Sadly Tony isn't feeling well - I had picked out a couple farm to table restaurants we could possibly go to, but he doesn't have an appetite. I brought in Chinese food for lunch today!

  2. omg the hotel looks so pretty! what's it called?

  3. @biz319
    Sorry Tony isn't feeling well! I hope he's better now!


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