144.6…Non-Traditional Pizza

Greetings from Arnold! 

IMG 7226

Last night we took the kids and their friends to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. I had a half size Italian Chopped Salad. (Another one of my favorite salads ever).

IMG 7227

My husband and I shared the Spicy Chipotle Chicken Pizza (chipotle adobo sauce, shaved poblanos, Monterey Jack, house made roasted corn & black bean salsa, cilantro and lime crema). 

IMG 7228

This pizza was good! It's fun to go out the box sometimes and order something different than your traditional pizzas. 

Breakfast this morning was Honey Nut Cheerios again. It's the easiest and lightest thing for me to eat right before heading to the gym.

IMG 7229

I went to spin class and came home to pack some more for my trip to Thailand tomorrow. 

Lunch was tuna salad and veggies with ranch dressing. 

IMG 7231

Tonight is Bunco…I feel like I haven't seen all the ladies in forever!!

What are you favorite "non-traditional" things to put on a pizza?

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  1. I can't seem to find it, but I made a pizza with shaved asparagus that was delicious! I could eat pizza every day!


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