143.8…The Sliders

Boy, have I eaten well this weekend! There was definitely a favorite amongst all the goodness….

Thursday night, I went with my husband to a dinner for the golf tournament he was in. We enjoyed appetizers and cocktails before dinner was served. I went straight for the sushi. And then back two more times.

IMG 7030

Dinner was served buffet style. Prime rib, chicken, roasted potatoes, sea bass and a few different salads.

IMG 7031

Dessert was an assortment of mini treats. 

IMG 7032

Breakfast Friday morning was wheat toast, dijon mustard, cucumber slices and smoked salmon. 

IMG 7033

I went to Cardio Muscle class. I worked out five days in a row this week! 

I took my daughter to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. I had the Caesar salad with grilled shrimp.

IMG 7034

My husband and I went out to dinner at The Pony Room at the Rancho Valencia. My meal started out with The Berg (iceberg, tomatoes, bacon, crispy shallots and ranch dressing):

IMG 7037

Then something amazing happened.

IMG 7038

Brandt Farm Beef Sliders ("the sauce", crispy onion, béarnaise and bacon). Holy crap. These are the best sliders in the world, hands down. I will think about these for a long time….

Dessert was pretty epic too: 

IMG 7039

H&J Cookie Sundae (tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, Chantilly cream, brandied cherries). After dinner, we went to see 22 Jump Street. It was pretty funny, in a completely stupid way. 

Breakfast Saturday morning was an onion bagel with jalapeño cream cheese. 

IMG 7040

The cleaning bug has definitely hit me. I have a long list of things I want to clean/organize/fix around the house this summer. I got started this weekend. In the middle of my cleaning frenzy, I made the same lunch I've been eating all week. It's the last of the Creamy Cole Slaw and Mexican Bean Salad so you won't have to see it anymore for awhile. 

IMG 7042

I tackled a huge project: my pantry. It was a mess. I should have taken a before picture but I didn't. You'll just have to enjoy the after pictures:

IMG 7045

IMG 7046

Last night we went to the final dinner for the golf tournament. Dinner was another buffet. 

IMG 7050

Prime rib, chicken, grilled veggies, mashed potatoes and salad. Dessert was similar mini treats as Thursday night. 

Breakfast this morning was half a bagel with jalapeño cream cheese. 

IMG 7052

My sister in law picked up my daughter and off they went to take her and her cousins to sleep away camp for one week!  I'm now childless for the week. It's so strange!

My husband and I decided to head to Fashion Valley mall for some lunch and shopping. We had lunch at Cheesecake Factory. We shared a spinach dip.

IMG 7053

I had the Herb Crusted Salmon Salad. One of my favorites. 

IMG 7054

We need to figure out what to do for dinner tonight. Crazy with no kids in the house!! 

Tomorrow I'm heading to Palm Desert to visit my mom for a couple of days. I'm really looking forward to it.

Are you working on some spring/summer cleaning?

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  1. Have fun with your Mom and enjoy your kidless week! You are still the busiest person I know going out so much - I did meet my Mom out for lunch today, but I think that's the last time I went out in six weeks!


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