145.4…My Big Fat Greek Dinner

Last night we hosted our "Gourmet Club" for dinner. I had decided on making Greek food, so Alicia brought her homemade spanakopitas for an appetizer. You could taste the love in them. :)

IMG 7127

We sat outside enjoying them and some delicious wine before dinner was ready. Eventually we moved inside when it was time to eat. 

On the menu:

Easy Tzatziki

IMG 7130

Greek Salad

IMG 7132

Marinated Lamb and Chicken Kebabs:

IMG 7135


IMG 7137

IMG 7138

Still one of my favorite meals ever.

Sherry brought homemade creme brûlée. 

IMG 7139

Delicious. The perfect creme brûlée! 

Such a fun evening with everyone! I love when we get together…it's guaranteed good fun & eats! I forgot to mention what happened early in the day:

IMG 7126

Yep. A snake at our front door. Definitely a first for us. Yuck.

This morning we hit the road for the Los Angeles area to pick up my daughter from sleep away camp. I brought some coffee and a Special K breakfast sandwich in the car with me to eat for breakfast.

After we picked her up, we went to Souplantation with some family for lunch. It was brunch time so they had a few different things than they normally do. I had my standard salad and chili but I tried the breakfast foccacia which was good but would have been better if it was warm.

IMG 7145

Cinnamon roll. Good thing I got a small piece. Dangerous. 

IMG 7146

 My husband and my daughter headed back to San Diego and I'm still in Los Angeles because I'll be picking up my son tomorrow morning. The family will finally be back together! 

Do you get wild critters in your yard? 

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