Our "eating out extravaganza without kids" continued last night with friends at Bencotto in downtown San Diego. It is a small, two story modern looking restaurant. I was excited to try it…they make all their pasta fresh, in house. 

We al shared several appetizers: 

Riso Fritto (fried saffron risotto balls, bolognese meat sauce dip)

Fried Squash Blossoms (stuffed with ricotta cheese)

Insalata Cesare 

IMG 7120

Burrata (burrata cheese with shaved celery and fennel salad in lemon vinaigrette):

IMG 7121

We were all underwhelmed by the appetizers. I found everything a bit bland. 

For my entree, I ordered off their daily specials menu: Homemade fettucine with lamb ragu:

IMG 7122

This was good. Very rich and hearty and the fresh noodles really made the dish. Overall, while I enjoyed my pasta dish, I wouldn't probably go back to Bencotto. 

Breakfast this morning was a fried egg sandwich on an English muffin with cheddar cheese. 

IMG 7123

Our "Gourmet Club" friends are coming over tonight for dinner. I am making the main dishes, Alicia is bringing the appetizer and Sherry is bringing dessert. It's going to be good! I spent the morning prepping the food and getting everything ready.

Lunch was the usual. Yes. Boring. 

IMG 7124

Tomorrow we leave super early for the Los Angeles area to pick up my daughter from camp. My husband will take her home and I will remain in Los Angeles to pick up my son from camp on Monday and then we will return home. I'm so excited to see them! I'm also excited to get back into our normal routine and start cooking again before my clothes don't fit. :)

Have you ever made pasta from scratch? I went to a class once to learn and have all the equipment but I haven't tried it at home yet!

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