141.8…Going Rogue At The OG

The kids wanted Olive Garden last night. They both agreed on it. It is rare that they can agree on anything. I wasn't in the mood for it but off we went. I am always in the mood for their salad though.

IMG 6920

I didn't want pasta. I went rogue. I ordered a steak at the Olive Garden. I ordered the Center Cut Filet Mignon (it was on their lighter menu) - 6 oz. premium cut filet, seasoned with Italian herbs. Served with sautéed Italian vegetables and roasted garlic. 

IMG 6921

It wasn't Ruth's Chris or anything (duh!) but it wasn't bad! I enjoyed it…there were giant pieces of roasted garlic in the veggies which I loved!

You'll be excited: my breakfast was different this morning. 

IMG 6925

Bagel with jalapeño cream cheese and fruit salad. 

We went to my son's basketball playoff games. They won the first game so they moved on to the second game. Unfortunately, they lost the second game. By the time we left, it was WAY past my lunch time. I picked up a turkey sandwich at Which Wich. 

IMG 6926

It was so late by the time I ate it, I only ate half because I knew dinner time was coming up. My daughter is staying over at a friend's house so it's date night with my son tonight!

When was the last time you ordered something off the menu that you were hesitant about but turned out to be good?

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