143.6…More Fabulous Food Finds

It's so fun discovering new restaurants. I've been having a great time visiting my mom in Palm Desert these past couple of days. I've had some amazing meals!

Breakfast yesterday was toast with crunchy peanut butter.

IMG 7079

We went to lunch at Clementine Gourmet Marketplace. I had the chicken salad sandwich.

IMG 7080

It doesn't look like much but it was pretty delicious. I would prefer regular bread next time as opposed to a hamburger bun. I'm not a huge potato chip fan but they make their potato chips themselves. I bet they would taste excellent with some onion dip. :)

We shared a yummy lemon merengue tart for dessert.

IMG 7081

Dinner was at Castelli's Italian restaurant. I have driven past this place so many times and was excited to try it.

IMG 7082

Our meal started out with amazing garlic bread loaded with garlic.

IMG 7083

I couldn't decided between two dishes: Linguine alla Bolognese (imported pasta prepared in a sauce of diced tomatoes, red wine, ground beef, mushrooms and grated Parmigiana) and Tortellini Romano (beef stuffed pasta in a Romano cream sauce with Prosciutto, mushrooms, peas and freshly grated Parmigiana). They offered to give me half of each! Genius!!

IMG 7084

They were perfect together. I would not have wanted an entire plate of the tortellini because it was really heavy but it was a great compliment to the bolognese. Great restaurant….the food, service, charming ambiance….would go back for sure.

Breakfast this morning was half a bagel with cream cheese.

IMG 7087

We are going to have lunch in a bit and then I'll head home to San Diego. I take the back route over the mountains from Palm Desert to San Diego and I love the drive. It's so relaxing and beautiful and nice to step away from the freeways!

Today is the Blog Bake Sale at Accidental Intentions! Go bid on my Toffee Brownies (aka Crack Brownies)! You won't be disappointed!

What's the best food find you've discovered lately?

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