141.6…Stitchfix Shipment #3

I'm always excited when my Stitchfix box arrives. Yesterday was that day.

IMG 6968

The way Stitchfix works is you sign up online and tell them your style, size, and budget preferences and they send you a box of clothing and/or accessories just for you. You can ever give them your pinterest info so they can see what styles you pin. If you keep everything, you get 25% off it all or send back what you don't like. You are able to give them notes on why or why not you like something so that they get to know your style preferences better. 

The first shipment, I only kept one thing, the second was three out of the five. This time I didn't have the luck I did last time…I only kept one item. 

I was sent this Collective Concepts Connie Stud Button Racerback Tank and Ecru Brandie Skinny Jeans:

IMG 6969

The jeans weren't flattering at all. I did like the tank though and that's what I kept. I tried it on with my regular denim skinny jeans and it looked great. 

It was suggested that I wear the two items above with this Ellison Davis Leopard Print Button-Up Cardigan:

IMG 6970

Nah. I really don't wear button-up cardigans and I didn't like the outfit together. 

The next item was 41Hawthorn Ria Multi Stripe Maxi Dress:

IMG 6971

Nothing special. Kind fit weird on the top…the thick straps bugged me and it fit too high on my chest. 

Lastly were these Marlyn Schiff Gina Textured Circle Chandelier Earrings:

IMG 6972

They were cute but nothing special. 

I guess this shipment didn't go as well as the last but you can't win them all. I'm excited to see what they send me next month. I'm looking for that home run where I keep all five pieces!

I made one of my husband's favorite meals last night: homemade pizza and salad. 

IMG 6973

He seriously goes nuts when I make this. Men are simple, right?

Breakfast this morning was pineapple Chobani yogurt, Strawberry Vanilla Almond Granola, strawberries and raspberries. 

IMG 6974

I took the kids to school, went to a PTO meeting then headed home to start prepping for the two parties i'm hosting in the next 48 hours. You probably won't hear from me tomorrow (I'm hosting the 3rd grade end-of-year party) or possibly Saturday either (we are hosting a barbecue with some friends). 

Lunch was the usual.

IMG 6976

Wish me luck in the next couple of days…oh yeah…I'm going to an event tomorrow night where I have to be in an 80's getup without a lot of time to get ready for it. Should be interesting.

Are you a subscriber of something like Stitchfix or any other "of-the-month" clubs? 

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