145.2...Barbie Bunco

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know about the Barbies.

IMG 3268

Each of us has a Barbie that resembles ourselves….well…as close as you can get with a Barbie.

IMG 3189

We’ve had a "Barbie Bunco” before where we have brought our Barbies but Tuesday nights’ “Barbie Bunco” (co-hosted by Alicia and Lisa) was different.

IMG 3190

This time we had to dress like our Barbies.

IMG 3209

Yep. Somehow I had to figure out how to look like this (my Barbie is on the right, Lisa’s is on the left):

IMG 3250

Leave it to Lisa, to completely pull it off! Chair and all!

IMG 3197

Lisa put together an ensemble for me that matched pretty darn well, if I do say so myself.

IMG 3281

There actually was a contest on who looked most like their Barbie. Lisa and Alicia weren’t eligible as the hosts. The first place prize was obvious.

IMG 3203

Silvana! She nailed it!

IMG 3271

Second place went to Cathi.

IMG 3207

Down to the bag an everything. Spot on!

IMG 3210

Nice job ladies!

IMG 3185

IMG 3187

IMG 3212

IMG 3214

IMG 3202

IMG 3205

IMG 3217

IMG 3221

IMG 3231

IMG 3234

IMG 3242

IMG 3245

IMG 3246

IMG 3277

Dinner was also exciting!

IMG 3256

Luna Grill “crack chicken” Salad!!

IMG 4056

IMG 3258

Thank you SO much Lisa and Alicia for such a fun event! I love knowing that I have the perfect group of friends that can be completely silly together!

IMG 3265

Wednesday was a big day at our house! It was the first day of school! Fifth grade for my son and third grade for my daughter. I had my standard breakfast and off to school we went!

IMG 4057

After I got them settled and attended the first day ceremony, I went to get my hair done. It took awhile and I got hungry so I ate this fruit and nut blend from Starbucks.

IMG 4071

I had a late lunch at Gami Sushi. I haven’t really liked this place in the past (not totally sure why) but it’s close to the kid’s school and I didn’t have a ton of time so that’s where I went.
Tuna, yellowtail and salmon:

IMG 4072

El Diablo Crunch Roll:

IMG 4073

Verdict: I really enjoyed it!! I guess everybody deserves a second chance, right?
We went out with our out of town friends again to dinner at Eddie V’s in La Jolla. We had some drinks and appetizers in their upstairs lounge before moving to our outdoor table for dinner. I had the Tartare of Pacific Ahi Tuna:

IMG 4076

We had a great table for dinner outside overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful evening!

IMG 4081

For my entree I ordered the Chilean Sea Bass (steamed Hong Kong style with light soy broth):

IMG 4077

The server had described it as light and “cuddly”. I had to order it. Lol. I’m not sure about the cuddly part but it was light and delicious! The table also shared Truffled Macaroni and Cheese and Truffle Fries. Both excellent!

Our guests were celebrating a belated anniversary (I guess we were too!) so the restaurant brought out two desserts for us:

IMG 4079

Hot Chocolate Godiva Cake and Hot “Bananas Foster” Butter Cake. I ate around the bananas. :) The chocolate cake was very rich and chocolatey. The butter cake was my favorite if they could have left the bananas off.

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 4082

After I took the kids to school, I went to Sculpt class. I will be sore tomorrow! This was followed by an appointment and lunch at Luna Grill. Greek Salad with Chicken Kabob:

IMG 4083

This is the last night our friends are in town so we will be hanging with them again. :)

 If you could create a Barbie look alike, what would she be wearing?

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