143.6...Sushi Smackdown!

Creamy Taco Pasta wasn’t as creamy when I reheated it for dinner Wednesday night but with a little Cholula hot sauce, all was well.

IMG 3908

Breakfast yesterday: 

IMG 3910

I took my son to camp, went to an appointment and grabbed a turkey avocado sandwich from Subway for lunch.

IMG 3912

My friend Diana picked me up and we got our hair and makeup done at Blowbunny before heading out to the Sushi Smackdown Sushi Battle Cruise event on the Hornblower Cruise. We grabbed a quick drink before heading out….. 

IMG 3941

The Sushi Battle Cruise event was filmed for a possible TV pilot. There were 4 restaurants and 16 chefs competing against each other to win $5,000. 

IMG 3922

We got our boarding passes and away we went!

IMG 3940

We grabbed drinks and got settled to start trying all the food and voting! There were four categories and we received a dish from each restaurant in each category!

IMG 3923

IMG 3924

The food came out pretty quickly and there were others at the table with us so taking pictures ended up not working super well.

IMG 3926

IMG 3935

It was fun trying all the different sushi and participating in the event! The views from the ship weren’t bad either!

IMG 3938

Diana and I had a fabulous time laughing the night away! 

IMG 3925

Breakfast today:

IMG 3942

I dropped my son at camp, took a friend to a doctor appointment then came home for lunch. Turkey avocado sandwich with a salad.

IMG 3943

We are staying in tonight and I’m excited to be making a new recipe for dinner! Happy weekend!

Trying any new recipes this weekend?

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