143.8...Pleasantly Surprised

Knowing that my husband wouldn’t be home Thursday night for dinner, I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

IMG 3867

Amazing Salmon and a salad. Best salmon ever. 

Breakfast Friday:

IMG 3871

I don’t think I’ll ever stop eating this.

I went to Zumba after I dropped off my son at camp. Lunch was a turkey and avocado sandwich and a salad with Trader Joe’s Tuscan Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing. I just bought this dressing and it’s pretty good. I like that it’s not sweet!

IMG 3872

I took the kids to see “Inside Out” last night. There were only two theaters left in San Diego showing it so we dragged ourselves over to one of them. Chili’s was nearby so that’s where we had dinner. I immediately opened the menu to the “lower calorie” section to look for something that sounded half way decent. Normally items on that part of the menu never sound that great to me. I ended up choosing the 6oz. Classic Sirloin with Grilled Avocado (drizzled with spicy citrus-chile sauce, garlic roasted tomatoes,  chopped cilantro and fresco salad).

IMG 3876

I am shocked by how much I liked it! Definitely a pleasant surprise!

After the movie (which was so darn cute!) we stopped at Yogurtland. I had some cheesecake and peanut butter frozen yogurt with fresh strawberries. 

IMG 3878

Breakfast this morning:

IMG 3879

We’ve been pretty lazy so far today. Lunch was the same as yesterday.

IMG 3880

We do have some errands to run so I will be on my way. Enjoy your Saturday!

Do you usually order for the “light choices” on menus? Do you have some favorites? 

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