145.4…The Cheat Meal

Saturday night, we went over to Sherry's house for our quarterly "Gourmet Club" get together with Alicia and her husband. We try to meet quarterly and whomever hosts, makes the main course and the other two bring an appetizer and dessert. It always makes for a good time with fabulous food. This time was no exception. Alicia brought the appetizers. We enjoyed goat cheese, cheddar cheese ball and jalapeño jello with crackers:

IMG 0218

As well as a smoked trout dip that was outstanding!

IMG 0219

We sat down for dinner which started with a warm goat cheese salad.

IMG 0220

Incredible! Sherry got this recipe out of Ina Garten's new cookbook. 

The main course was Beef Tenderloin with Gorgonzola Cabernet Sauce:

IMG 0221

Garlic Parmesan Cheese Mashed Potatoes:

IMG 0222

Grilled Organic Seasonal Carrots:

IMG 0223

Am I spoiled or what!?!

IMG 0224

Sherry did an AMAZING job! Everything was beyond delicious!!!

For dessert, I brought Butterscotch Pudding with Cream and Toffee

IMG 0225

I had planned on this meal being my "cheat meal" for the week and it was definitely worth the calories!

Sunday morning's breakfast was scrambled egg beaters with spinach, onions and jack cheese. 

IMG 0226

Lunch was tuna and celery again. I use the celery as my "scoop" for the tuna. Crunchy but less calories than crackers. 

IMG 0227

The whole Sunday I spent getting stuff done around the house. I'm rarely home on the weekends so this was a nice treat!

Last night's dinner was Three Bean & Beef Chili leftovers. Easy. 

IMG 0228

This morning I got a bit creative with my egg beaters. I used to get the Hungry Girl emails and she always made this mug thing with her egg beaters. I microwaved spinach in a mug, then added egg beaters, followed by jack cheese and topped the whole thing off with green onions. I guess it's not that much different that scrambling them in the pan but oh well. :)

IMG 0229

I dropped that kids off at school then went to my old Cardio Muscle class. I haven't been in so long…I will be sore tomorrow. Guaranteed. I ran some errands before picking up the kids and having lunch. 

Lunch was tuna salad and celery again.

IMG 0230

The kids had half day today so we were home early. It's raining now….so nice to be inside and done with errands!

Do you plan your cheat meals out for the week?

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