146.8…Breakfast At Tiffany's

Last night I cooked. My husband wasn't even home and I still cooked. Progress, people! I made a recipe for Three Bean and Beef Chili that my sister in law, Stephanie, recommend to me. It was delicious! I will share the recipe in the next day or so for sure!

IMG 0144

Breakfast was Honey Nut Cheerios again. Sometimes I just get in a rut...

IMG 0147

Lisa's 50th birthday celebration continued today at Tami's house with a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme. 

IMG 1850\

Tami went all out with the decorations and everyone dressed the part. 

IMG 1857

IMG 1854

IMG 1853

IMG 1846

IMG 1845

IMG 1855

IMG 1859

IMG 1847

IMG 1849

IMG 1861

IMG 1865

IMG 1866

IMG 1868

IMG 1895

IMG 1900

IMG 1903

IMG 1909

IMG 1913

IMG 1908

Because we can't help ourselves, Dina and I had to take our regular selfie:

IMG 0151

Annette MADE the most fabulous Tiffany's cupcakes I've ever seen!!! 

IMG 1838

IMG 1839

IMG 1897

Cake and presents time! 

IMG 1888

IMG 1890

We bought Lisa a bunch of Nordstrom gift cards and Tami made them into a tiara. 

IMG 1892

I have the most creative friends ever. 

IMG 1883

Happy Birthday Lisa!!! Here's to 50 more!

IMG 1885

After all that excitement, I came home to a boring lunch of tuna salad and celery.

IMG 0154

Still on a roll….didn't eat any of the goodies at the breakfast and managed to keep it to one glass of champagne. Couldn't let the birthday girl drink alone!

Have you seen Breakfast at Tiffany's? I haven't! 

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  1. Oh, Melissa, thank you SO MUCH for this amazing documentation! Tami DID go "all out", and I am so happy you were there to help me continue the celebration! I love you, and love how this time YOU were the photographer! FUN! I appreciate whatever filter you used, too! Nice!


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