141.4…Memorial Feasts

Did everyone have a fun Memorial Day weekend? I had a great time celebrating with friends and family. I also happened to enjoy a ton of delicious eats….the way every Memorial Day holiday should be!

It all started on Saturday afternoon. My mom picked me up from the train station and we headed to Nordstrom to do a bit of shopping and have lunch. I had the Greek Salad.

May 2013 183

I also had a cup of tomato basil soup.

May 2013 184

Dinner was at one of our favorite restaurants growing up: Steer & Ale. There’s nothing fancy about this place but it brings back so many great memories.

I enjoyed going down memory lane with some wine.

May 2013 185

My meal started with a salad. Basic but delicious.

May 2013 186

My entree was steak, baked potato and garlic bread.

May 2013 187

Breakfast Sunday morning was toast with peanut butter.

May 2013 188

My mom and I headed over to my brother’s house for a Memorial Day party.  We arrived to a delicious spread of appetizers.

May 2013 190

The best part of the day:

May 2013 191

The “taco guy”! He was cooking up all sorts of deliciousness for a taco bar!

May 2013 192

I tried one of each: beef, chicken and pork. I thought the beef and pork were the best so I went back for one of each of those a bit later.

I brought dessert:

May 2013 189

Rice Krispy Treats AND Coco Krispy Treats. Heads up: the Cocoa Krispy Treats were amazing.

After the party I went back with my husband (he had arrived earlier in the day) to our hotel.

Monday morning’s breakfast was a Starbucks latte.

May 2013 193

I knew I’d be eating a ton later so I decided to save the calories by skipping breakfast. :)

We went over to my brother in law’s house for the day. More yummy appetizers!

May 2013 195

Especially this one:

May 2013 194

Goat cheese, fig butter, pecans and cranberries. Holy yum!!

We picked up Woodranch for lunch. I enjoyed some tri tip, chicken, mac & cheese, salad and corn.

May 2013 196

I went back for seconds of the tri tip and mac & cheese.

Eventually it was time to drive back to San Diego. I didn’t eat dinner because I was seriously stuffed from my whole weekend of fabulous eats.

Breakfast this morning was a toasted English muffin with peanut butter and strawberries.

May 2013 197

After I took the kids to school, I went to spin class. I love starting the week with a great workout.

Lunch was Wahoos with the girls!

May 2013 198

So far so good….a great workout and healthy meals. Tuesday is off to a good start!

What was the best thing you ate over the holiday weekend?


  1. Girl! You always make me so hungry with your delicious eats! The best thing I ate was probably Blueberry Cobbler at this awesome little tea house on Saturday and I had an amazing iced latte with whip cream & sprinkles from a cute breakfast place on Sunday!

  2. We have Sunday pancakes at my mom & stepdad's house every week & he makes the best brown sugar blueberry or starwberry or banana pancakes... The kids love it! I also had the best BBQ baby back ribs!


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