138.8…Weekend Eats

Oh man….did I ever eat well this past weekend! It all started Friday night as we hit the road for Orange County for the weekend. We stopped at our club for dinner. My husband and I shared a Caesar salad….

February 2013 144

…..and a pizza with garlic, onions and green peppers:

February 2013 145

We arrived at the Pelican Hill hotel, checked in and went to bed.

We ordered room service Saturday morning. I had scrambled eggs, potatoes and bacon. Not too shabby.

February 2013 146

Alicia and her family were also there for the weekend. Alicia and I met up after breakfast to go shopping at South Coast Plaza. We stopped for lunch at Quattro Cafe. I ordered the Caprese Panini. It rocked.

February 2013 147

After shopping we came home to change for dinner at Javier’s. It was beyond packed in there. After a bit of a wait we were finally able to snag a table.

We shared their Shrimp Ceviche Tostadas.

February 2013 148

These things are incredible. For my entree I ordered the Lobster Enchiladas.

February 2013 149

I ate 98% of that huge plate, after I drowned it in hot sauce, of course!

Sunday morning was room service again. This time I opted for a healthier option: yogurt, granola and berries.

February 2013 150

Alicia and I did a bit more shopping at Fashion Island while the husbands and kiddos went to the pool. We stopped for lunch at R+D Kitchen. I ordered a tuna sandwich.

February 2013 152

Strange that it came with 3 halves right??

We came back to the hotel and got packed up. My sister in law and her kids met us for dinner at Ruby’s. I wasn’t super hungry since we ate a late lunch so I ordered clam chowder and a side salad.

February 2013 153

After the drive back to San Diego, it was bed time! Great weekend!!!

This morning it was back to real life. Even thought today is President’s Day, the kids still have school.

Breakfast was an English muffin with peanut butter and strawberries.

February 2013 154

I dropped the kids off at school and then spent the rest of the day at school (with volunteers) assembling 550 food baskets for a school event. At some point I stopped for lunch and grabbed a salad in the school cafeteria.

February 2013 155

We finished assembling all the baskets with a little time to spare before I have to pick up the kids so I’m at Starbucks rewarding myself with a much deserved latte.

February 2013 156

Up next: pick up kids and make dinner. Tonight is Bachelor at Lisa’s!

What was the best thing you ate all weekend?


  1. The question could be what didnt I eat this past weekend! We went to Bali for Chinese New Years - the food was so yummy! We rented 2 different villas with friends, including cook/staff etc - they would just make whatever you asked for! so every afternoon by pool - sates, spring rolls, etc...yum! back to reality however. I am weighing in tomorrow, it may not be pretty!

  2. oh and I forgot to say - love Javier's :)


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