138.8…Shopping and Sushi

Last night I attended Bunco at Lorna’s house. We chatted for a bit before dinner.

February 2013 161

Turkey rolls, veggies, hummus, brie, crackers and prosecco.

February 2013 162

Dessert was a mini chocolate chip cupcake from Cupcake Love.

February 2013 163

Not a ton of pictures to share because I forgot my big camera at home. But a great time was had by all, I assure you. Thanks Lorna!!

Breakfast this morning was scrambled egg beaters, mushrooms, red bell pepper, green onion, salsa and shredded cheddar cheese.

February 2013 164

I took the kids to school and then went to the gym. Afterwards I changed and Alicia picked me up to head off to Fashion Valley mall. We stopped at Love Boat Sushi for lunch.

I started with a miso soup which was just what the doctor ordered on such a cold day!

February 2013 166

We shared some tuna and yellow tail sushi:

February 2013 165

As well as two rolls. Wasabi Roll:

February 2013 167

Albacore Delight:

February 2013 168

Freaking awesome. I could eat this every day.

After lunch we did a bit of returns/shopping and then headed home. Shopping and sushi…..is there a better day to be had??

I picked up the kiddos from school and came home. I’m looking forward to a quiet night in tonight!

What is your ideal day?