138.6…Leftover Thief

I have mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of leftovers. I like them when I don’t feel like cooking but I always prefer something freshly made. Last night was an exception. I knew my husband was working late so I saved the rest of the South-of-the-Border Chicken & Pasta Skillet for my dinner last night. I thought about it during my ride home from Los Angeles. I was excited about it.

That is, until I went to heat it up. There wasn’t much left of it. Someone had scarfed up my leftovers.

February 2013 001

It might look like a lot here but it was like five bites. I was sad. They were a delicious five bites at least. I later found out the thief was my husband. Shame on him! :)

Breakfast this morning was Trader Joe’s vanilla Greek yogurt, Cascadian Farms granola, strawberries and blueberries.

February 2013 002

I took the kids to school, went to my nail appointment and stopped at Luna Grill for lunch. Greek salad with chicken kabob (the standard):

February 2013 003

My friends and I call their chicken “crack chicken.” It might possibly be the best chicken I’ve ever had. 

My son is on a play date with a friend and I just brought my daughter home from school. I see wine in my future. I do.

Have you experienced the leftover thief lately?


  1. Almost after every meal! My husband eats almost every leftover in the house. Always. I don't mind usually, except when its something I'm looking forward to!

  2. Your posts are really funny mainly because I can relate to most of them! I work for OpenTable so I love any blog relating to Food & Wine...your blog is my favorite not to mention my name is Melissa too:)

  3. @MelJane
    I love OpenTable! I use it all the time!! Glad you enjoy the blog. :) Great name btw!


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