138.2…Making The Right Choice

Last night was one of those nights I was actually thankful for leftovers. My husband was working late so I reheated some of the Chicken & Broccoli Casserole for dinner.

February 2013 046

I added a bunch of Cholula and was good to go. Dinner in a snap!

Afterwards I want over to Lisa’s house to watch all four hours of The Bachelor from this week. We had a great time!

Breakfast this morning was the same as the last few days: Trader Joe’s vanilla Greek yogurt, Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola and berries.

February 2013 047

I’m obsessed with the granola. That’s all there is to it.

I took the kids to school and went to the gym for an hour. I ran some errands and then picked up the kids. They had half day at school so I quickly took them to lunch at McDonald’s before my son’s dentist appointment.

I don’t like eating at McDonald’s. All I want to do is eat their fries. And cheeseburgers. The healthy stuff doesn’t taste all that great there, in my opinion. I held strong and ordered the healthy stuff anyway.

February 2013 048

Grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo) and a side salad with light balsamic dressing. I put the hot mustard sauce on the chicken sandwich which actually made it taste ok. 

Dentist appointment is done. Homework is done. Now I can relax a bit before I have to make dinner. Yes!

When was the last time you made a healthy choice at a fast food restaurant?


  1. I haven't had fast food in ages, but I did like getting a baked potato and a small chili at Wendy's!

  2. @mybizzykitchen.com
    I always forget about Wendy's....those are good!


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