Worst Meal/Best Meal & Off Schedule in Paris

I basically never know what time it is or what day it is here in Paris. We are so off schedule, it’s not even funny.

A couple nights ago,  we took a walk along the Champs Elysees and chose Cafe di Roma for dinner.

Europe July-August 2012 085

Yes we’ve been eating a lot of Italian food in France. You see….I have three very picky eaters with me. Two kids and a very picky husband. French food does not agree with them. I have received so many wonderful recommendations for restaurants but none of them comply with my picky co-travelers. Italian restaurants have pizza and pasta. Everyone is happy.

Europe July-August 2012 086

I enjoyed some wine while dinning outside in the restaurant’s patio. I love how Paris has all these little outdoor eating areas. 

While my family dined on pasta and pizza, I tried to keep in French and ordered Steak Frites.

Europe July-August 2012 087

It wasn’t the best steak ever but I felt fancy eating it so that’s all that matters.

Our walk back to our hotel was beautiful.

Europe July-August 2012 089

The Arc de Triomphe all lit up!

We haven’t been going to sleep over here until around midnight, therefore we wake up late too. Yesterday morning I think I woke up around 10AM and the kids didn’t get up until past noon! We finally got it together and hoped on the A line to Disneyland Paris.

We stopped for lunch right outside the park at the Disneyland Village. My husband saw Planet Hollywood and almost lost his mind. Food he recognizes! :)

He loves their nachos so he ordered them to start.

Europe July-August 2012 061

They were not the same nachos as the ones in the states. These nachos basically sucked.

I ordered the Cobb salad with ranch dressing.

Europe July-August 2012 062

I think they made their ranch dressing with Miracle Whip. I ate about three bites and called it a day. Nasty. Boo!

Off to the park we went!

Europe July-August 2012 064

We stayed at the park until about 10PM before we realized we were pretty hungry. Dinner at 10PM? Not normal for us.

We walked back to the Disneyland Village and saw a promising restaurant called Annette’s diner. There was a line to get it (at 10PM?) so I was pretty sure we found a great place. I was wrong.

Europe July-August 2012 083

I ordered the cheeseburger with grilled onions and fries. We also shared onion rings. Nothing was good. Nothing. I was starving so I ate it. It made me sad to consume all those calories on crap.

At least our meal came with dessert.

Europe July-August 2012 084

It was pretty decent fortunately. :)

We took the 11:30PM train back to our hotel and didn’t go to sleep until about 2AM!

Of course we missed breakfast again this morning. We need to get on a regular schedule soon!

We enjoyed our experience at Pizza Vesuvio the other day so we decided to go back for lunch. I started with some wine.

Europe July-August 2012 090

It’s normal to drink wine first thing on an empty stomach right?

I ordered something I’ve been dying for this entire trip.

Europe July-August 2012 091

Ham and cheese baguette with fries. This sandwich was giant. I ate every bite and was in heaven. Please can I have another? Guess what my family ate? (If you guessed pizza and pasta…you’re right!)

After our late lunch, we did a little shopping for me. :)

Europe July-August 2012 092

It was a good day.

Does everyone in your family have similar food likes/dislikes?


  1. Oh the joy of eating with picky eaters... I have done that. I just try to find a place that will make everyone happy. But then you get one meal that you get to pick.

  2. Bummer on the food not being good! Yay for some LV shopping!! What did you get??


  3. So sad you didn't get to experience any great dining in Paris. Sadly, the food in England is horrible. I hope they have some good Italian food for you over there! Next trip for you?? Italy!! Have fun!!

  4. @Melissa
    We do much better in Italy for sure. :)


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