142.4…Back To Business As Usual

I’m back from Cabo San Lucas! That means it’s time to get back to the gym and eat healthy to get my vacation lbs off! Back to business!

Sunday night we attended our friend’s wedding near the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo July 2012 241

It was at a gorgeous location right on the beach.

Cabo July 2012 239

After the ceremony, we went to the cocktail hour and dinner reception at Villa Vista Bellena, a gorgeous private home overlooking the water. As soon as we arrived, I enjoyed a margarita…

Cabo July 2012 244

…while my husband enjoyed a cigar. Nice touch for the guys!

Cabo July 2012 246

Eventually it was time to sit down for dinner.

Cabo July 2012 247

 Cabo July 2012 248

The first course was Classic Caesar “Cardini” Salad:

Cabo July 2012 249

The salad was served in a parmesan bowl!

Next we had Lemon Basil Sorbet to cleanse the palette.

Cabo July 2012 251

The main course was Duo of Chilean Sea Bass and Coconut Poached Baja Lobster Medallions.

Cabo July 2012 252

This was excellent. Usually I find food at weddings (or any other place with mass-produced food) to be sub-par. I enjoyed every bite.

I also enjoyed every bite of the wedding cake.

Cabo July 2012 253

I wanted a second slice but I restrained myself.

The rest of the evening you could find me on the dance floor. The music was excellent! I didn’t know anyone at the wedding but I quickly made friends and had a blast. At least I got in SOME exercise on the trip!

Yesterday we got packed up and headed down to the main restaurant for our last meal in Cabo. I went just a bit different (from all the fish tacos I had been eating) and ordered shrimp tacos.

Cabo July 2012 254

Perfection on a plate. 

The hotel we stayed at was Las Ventanas. The service was unbelievable, the food was delicious and the location was gorgeous. I’m glad we won it at an auction because it was a bit pricey there. I would love to go go back though!

We finally arrived in San Diego. We grabbed the kids and took them to dinner at Pei Wei. We split a few different items.

Pei Wei Spicy Beef:

Cabo July 2012 255

Pei Wei Spicy Chicken:

Cabo July 2012 256

Sesame Chicken:

Cabo July 2012 257

We took the kids to frozen yogurt afterwards. I didn’t have any…I was full and I knew the scale was already going to scream at me. :)

This morning began my day of healthy eats off right: scrambled egg beaters, shredded light mozzarella cheese and a bowl of berries.

Cabo July 2012

I took the kids to the bus for camp and then went to sweat it out in spin class. After class I changed and then went to the mail to run a few errands. I stopped at the Nordstrom cafe for a Albacore Tuna & Tomato Salad.

Cabo July 2012 258

Love this salad!

After that was a doctor appointment and then I picked up the kiddos from the camp bus. The next couple of weeks are really busy as I need to get stuff done/ready for my trip to London next weekend. My to-do list is crazy long!

Do you eat what you want on vacation or do you keep it pretty clean?


  1. Wow - all your travels - you are never home! What a fun life:) That wedding you were at looks gorgeous, not to mention the food!

  2. eat what I want.. it's called vacation! The key is not to beat yourself up afterwards when you get on the scale.. most of it is water weight and I am usually back where I should be in a couple days.

  3. I eat what I want. We have been on sabbatical and on the road since memorial day. No scale! Eek! I have been walking a lot but not sure if that is enough to save me. About 4 more wks and we will finally settle into our new home, where I will be making zero pt soup!!! Love the wedding pics!


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