Paris To London: Hauling A Ton Of Crap

Last night we enjoyed our last night in Paris by dinning at an outdoor cafe near the Eiffel Tower. There was wine, of course.

Europe July-August 2012 093

I ordered Steak Frites again.

Europe July-August 2012 094

This time it was MUCH better! Yum!!

After dinner, we took another cruise but since it was dark, it was extra spectacular!

Europe July-August 2012 096

My son took this photo of my husband and I. :)

Europe July-August 2012 098

We took a motorized rickshaw type vehicle back to our hotel, the Sofitel Arc de Triomphe. The kids (and I) thought it was hilarious.

This morning my husband went to Starbucks for my standard skinny vanilla latte. I guess no one there spoke English this time so they didn’t know what he was talking about. I ended up with a regular latte.

Europe July-August 2012 100

We got packed up and my husband went out again to pick up lunch. McDonald’s for himself and the kids and a sandwich shop for another delicious ham & cheese sandwich.

Europe July-August 2012 101

This time the sandwich was warm and the cheese was all melty and wonderful.

We took our bags, got into a cab and headed toward the Eurostar train station to begin our treck to London. After navigating the train station, we managed to get onboard our 2 hour train ride to London.

Europe July-August 2012 104

I enjoyed my time reading my new Kindle. (Thanks Steph for making me buy this!)

Lunch was served on the train but I was still full from my delicious sandwich so I just ate a few bites.

Europe July-August 2012 103

After our train arrived in the London station, we hauled our bags (we have a lot of them) off the train and walked to the “Tube” underground railway. From there we hauled our bags on the train just to find out we got on the wrong one. Off we went to the correct train where we hauled our crap onto that one. Finally we arrived at our hotel near Heathrow airport. It took a little bit of navigating to find it but eventually we made it to the hotel.

We dumped our bags in our room and visited the hotel’s lounge for some wine and snacks.

Europe July-August 2012 105

I think this might be dinner. I doubt we are going to want to leave the room for awhile. :)

Are you good at finding your way around a foreign city/country?


  1. A beautiful couple, wonderful food, and traveling. What an enviable life you lead!

  2. I think I am ok at it! We have been a lot of places, lived in china and now in taipei. It can be frustrating at times but I think worth it!


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