138.8…Spur Of The Moment

There has been a lot of last minute activity over here! Starting with Monday night, we decided on a last minute date night at Firenze, my favorite restaurant!

June 2012 791

I enjoyed a glass of wine and a chopped Caesar salad split with my husband.

June 2012 790

For my entree, I ordered the Grilled Salmon.

June 2012 792

It came with pasta (with the best sauce ever!) and green beans. I always enjoy my meal at Firenze…they never disappoint.

Tuesday morning’s breakfast was pineapple Chobani, Coconut-Sour Cherry Granola and mixed berries.

June 2012 789

I dropped off the kids at the bus for camp and went to spin class. After class I got my hair done. It needed it badly!

I’ve had a craving for a sandwich from Jersey Mike’s so I decided it was time to satisfy it.

June 2012 793

Turkey & provolone “Mike’s way”: with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, oregano, salt, oil & vinegar. I added mustard because I’m a mustard freak.

After lunch I ran a couple more errands then picked up the kids from the bus and hit the road for my mother in law’s house in Orange County. We decided last minute to go visit my brother in law there who was still in town. They picked up Chinese food for dinner. No photos…left the camera in the car. Oops!

After dinner, we went to our hotel, Pelican Hill, to spend the night….another last minute decision. We thought it would be fun for the 4th of July!

After a great night’s sleep, we ordered room service for breakfast. I had the Italian Frittata.

June 2012 795

Fortunately it came with an English muffin because I didn’t really like the frittata. The mushrooms in it were rubbery and there were a ton of them. I ended up eating about a quarter of it and eating the English muffin instead.

We got ready and headed over to the pool. I started celebrating the holiday with some wine.

June 2012 796

Lunch was the Cobb salad, which I LOVE there.

June 2012 797

We had some family and friends stop by to visit. Eventually it was time to pack up and end our little last minute vacation and head home. I wasn’t hungry when we got home so I skipped dinner. Of course by the time I was in bed ready to go to sleep, I was hungry but I just ignored it and went to sleep.

This morning’s breakfast was an English muffin with egg beaters, shredded cheddar cheese and the last of the pineapple.

July 2012

I’m now at the airport…we are leaving for Cabo San Lucas for 4 nights. We are going with my brother and his wife. We are also attending a wedding there on Sunday night. I hadn’t mentioned the trip yet because, like most things this summer, it just snuck up on me. We’ve been so busy lately that the summer is flying by! I should now mention that we are taking the kids in a couple of weeks to London for the Olympics!! It’s definitely been a summer full of travel! I think we’ve been away more than we’ve been home!

See you from Mexico! Adios!

 Are you more of a last minute person or do you plan ahead? We usually plan ahead but last minute things are fun sometimes!


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