Bonjour De Paris

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrived yesterday in Paris!

Europe July-August 2012 029

Our flight left a bit after 4:00PM from Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon. We arrived in Paris Sunday around noon and finally arrived at our hotel. After getting settled we walked around a bit and went to dinner at a restaurant nearby called Indiana Cafe. They had a random assortment of food including Tex-Mex and Asian cuisines. I ordered a glass of wine to start.

Europe July-August 2012 001

I ordered the Chicken Curry.

Europe July-August 2012 003

It was just ok.  Everyone else enjoyed their random food so that was good.

I was SO happy to finally go to bed last night. It was wonderful.

What was also wonderful was the Starbucks coffee that my husband picked up for me this morning.

Europe July-August 2012 004

Along with a Larabar, it made a nice breakfast in bed. We got ready and went on both a double-decker red bus tour as well as a boat tour or Paris. I have been to Paris in 20 years and I was reminded of how beautiful the city is!

Europe July-August 2012 006

Europe July-August 2012 018

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Europe July-August 2012 049

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Europe July-August 2012 055

After our touring, we stopped at Pizza Vesuvio on the Champs Elysees for lunch. More wine. :)

Europe July-August 2012 056

We shared the Caprese salad…..

Europe July-August 2012 057

….and a Margarita pizza.

Europe July-August 2012 058

It was the perfect lunch sitting outside in the cafe’s patio area.

I did a bit of walking around after lunch while everyone went back to the hotel. I did visit the Louis Vuitton 7-story flagship store on my travels. It was quite enjoyable. I may have to go back. :)

Have you ever been to Paris? Do you have any restaurant recommendations? (We are near the Arc de Triomphe.)


  1. Loving the pictures, so beautiful! Bisto du Sommelier is amazing, multi course meal with wine. You would LOVE it.

  2. oh my gosh how fun! enjoy your time! i loved paris:)

  3. Lucas Carton although when I was there 12 years ago you had to make a res. atleast 3 months in advance...try's fab! Enjoy!

  4. It's so cool reading this because I plan to be in Paris in October! It'll be my first time so no suggestions but maybe I'll end up getting some ideas from you.

  5. Was just there 3wks ago. Was fabulous. We have family there and did a picnic on the grounds at Versailles pAlace that was fabulous! If you don't have 30 French relatives wtg to meet you.....another place we really liked was L'Etoile du Berger
    42, rue de la montagne Sainte Genevieve, 75005 Paris, France
    0143263887. It was very yummy fondue. We went at midnight....with kids after a super fun fat tire bike ride through paris at night. I also love the drugstores goop, what to buy in Paris and stock up! Enjoy.....we are in San Fran right now, heading to Chinatown for foot massages :)

  6. Sounds like an amazing vacation! Are the kids with you? Enjoy!

  7. That pizza looks amazing!! Glad you got there safely!

  8. @Mellissa
    I looked it up and it looks amazing! Unfortunately, it would not agree with the other picky eaters I'm with. Maybe you and I could go sometime! :)


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