Rough Living

The days are flying by over here in Cabo San Lucas. We have spent countless hours laughing, enjoying the sun and eating to our hearts content.

Friday night we got ready for dinner but decided to take a group shot on our roof right as the sun was setting before we left.

Cabo July 2012 083

We enjoyed some wine in our room while we waited for a taxi.

Cabo July 2012 213

We went to dinner at Nick-San, a sushi restaurant in Cabo.

Cabo July 2012 113

More wine…

Cabo July 2012 216

We split all sorts of things….green salad:

Cabo July 2012 217

Tuna Tartare Tostadas:

Cabo July 2012 218

Tons of Sushi!

Cabo July 2012 219

Cabo July 2012 220

Cabo July 2012 221

Cabo July 2012 222

After dinner we decided to head to The Giggling Marlin. Now…back in college, I spent a few spring breaks in Cabo. At The Giggling Marlin, there is a challenge where if you drink a certain amount of these blended drinks in an hour, you get your name on the wall. My name is still there. :)

Cabo July 2012 118

Reliving good times. :)

We went to Cabo Wabo next for a drink and then headed back to the hotel.

Yesterday morning I rocked another bagel for breakfast.

Cabo July 2012 225

It was another day at the pool. It’s a rough life here in Cabo.

Cabo July 2012 128

Cabo July 2012 132

Cabo July 2012 142

Lunch was a repeat of yesterday too: fish tacos.

Cabo July 2012 226

There were too perfect not to order them again.

Another photo shoot:

Cabo July 2012 152

This picture makes me laugh. My brother set the timer on the camera, then jumped into the water to make it in the photo just in time.

We came back  to the room to get ready for dinner. We didn’t realize it at first but my husband and I had twin outfits on:

Cabo July 2012 182

We went to La Golondrina for dinner.

Cabo July 2012 188

It was a very unique restaurant. The menu was on the wall.

Cabo July 2012 190

The seating was outside and it was very quaint. There were little lights in all the trees.

I ordered a glass of wine to start.

Cabo July 2012 228

Our meals came with tostada salads.

Cabo July 2012 229

It wasn’t that great so I only had a couple of bites. I was saving room for our table-side Caesar salad.

Cabo July 2012 230

Cabo July 2012 231

It did not disappoint.

Our meals also came with black bean soup.

Cabo July 2012 232

This soup was excellent. It was very simple…just the basic flavor of black beans.

I ordered the Seared Ahi Tuna for my entree. It came with rice, beans, guacamole and teriyaki sauce….extremely random combination.

Cabo July 2012 233

The ahi ended up being a bit overcooked. I wasn’t super excited about it so I only ate about half. My brother had this amazing pork with Veracruz sauce that I ended up sharing with him. I’d go back just for that! All in all, the value of La Golondrina was great but not everything we ate was all that great. If I ever went back, I’d order the pork.

We went to my favorite club/bar when I used to come for spring break: El Squid Roe.

Cabo July 2012 209

I hadn’t been since college and it brought back tons of good memories!

Cabo July 2012 235

Cabo July 2012 236

We stayed for a couple of drinks and then went back to the hotel.

This morning I slept it and it was fabulous. I slept through breakfast so we just went right to the pool. I hate to be boring but I had the fish tacos again for lunch.

Cabo July 2012 237

The fish is so fresh and amazing here!

We all shared chips, salsa and guacamole as well. Yes that is a wine glass. Did I mention, it’s rough living over here?

Cabo July 2012 238

My brother and his wife flew back home today. I was SO sad to see them leave. I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun, just laughing and relaxing with family.

We are staying one more night because we have a wedding to go to tonight! Random right!?! My husband’s friend is getting married here!  Tomorrow our vacation in paradise ends and it’s back to regular life. Every good thing must come to an end right?

Have you ever been to a destination wedding? Where did you get married?


  1. Looks like a great trip, so beautiful and all that food looks amazing.

  2. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it - love that you kept getting fish tacos!

    I got married on a beach in Naples, Florida - just my daughter and Mom, my step-son and PIL - it was perfect! I have never been one of those girls who wanted a big wedding.

  3. I haven't been to a destination wedding but I want to have one! Not a tropical one though more of a southern plantation or winery one. Growing up near the beach makes it a little over played!


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