136.2…Rimel’s Del Mar

Last night we met up with some friends for dinner. We didn’t meet them until 8:15 (that’s right around my bedtime) so I had a snack beforehand.

April 2012 257

Wine and Wheat Thins. I’m classy like that.

We met our friends at Rimel’s Del Mar located in the Del Mar Highlands shopping center. It recently opened and I had never been before. I’m always excited to try new restaurants! The shopping center has been recently remodeled and there are a bunch of new restaurants there.

April 2012 261

From their website: “At Rimel's, fresh meats, poultry, game and seafood are of the finest quality. We roast these to perfection over our oak, wood-fired grill and rotisserie. In order to bring you the best seafood, we buy from San Diego fisherman daily and catch our own local seasonal fish. Our side dishes and other menu selections are made everyday using the finest ingredients.”

April 2012 262

I started the evening with my second glass of wine for the night.

April 2012 263

There were several things on the menu that called out to me but one in particular: Seared Ahi Tuna Steak.

April 2012 264

It came with a choice of two sides and I choose the brown rice and slaw. Everything was super fresh and delicious. The slaw was vinegar based and was excellent. You were also about to choose a choice of sauce. One of them was Sriracha. Easy choice for me!

My friend had one of their Wok Seared Bowls and it came with a ton of veggies that were cooked perfectly in a wok. I may order that next time…you could had your choice of several different proteins to add to it.

We all split a slice of cheesecake for dessert.

April 2012 266

It was small but the taste made up for it’s lack of size. The crust was fabulous and you could tell it was homemade.

I had heard mixed reviews about Rimel’s and was happy to say that I had a positive experience and would definitely go back. 

This morning’s breakfast was a simple omelet with spinach, onions and cheddar cheese.

April 2012 258

I took the kids to school and went to Zumba.

Lunch was a tuna salad mixed with Jalapeno Yogurt Dip, pickles and celery.

April 2012 259

I picked the kids up from school and came home for a snack:

April 2012 260

Babybel Light cheese. Those things are so good.

The husband is working late tonight so it will be more leftovers for me!

What was the last new restaurant that you tried? Success or failure?


  1. The last restaurant I tried was Tin Lizzy's in Buckhead. You need to try next time you are here. It's a bar atmosphere but they an entire menu of tacos! Southern fried chicken tacos, Thai style, fish tacos...you name it, they put it in a taco. So fun!!

  2. It looks like we'd get along marvelously in real life...all your meals (and snacks) are just the things I love!

  3. You mean you are "klassy" like that with the wine and wheat thins! :D

    I want your plate of food - sriracha and all! :D

  4. I recognize that cheesecake! My co-worker makes the cheesecakes for Rimel's and Zenbu. Every now and then she brings in leftover cheesecakes, or test mini cheesecakes, for the office and we devour them! She's also been doing some catering events and private cheesecake orders.

    I know absolutely nothing about Rimel's except the cheesecake, but the food sounds good!

  5. @Leanne
    Wow! Let her know that she does a fabulous job! And also, I would like to be a cheesecake tester. :)

  6. hy, What you wrote was very nice, and really helped me, thanks for sharing


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