135.8…Jersey Mike’s Subs

For dinner last night, I ate the last of my beloved Indian Butter Chicken.

April 2012 267

So long. Until next time. I love you.

This morning’s breakfast was egg beaters, shredded cheddar cheese and one of my favorite salsas (recipe to come) all on a tortilla.

April 2012 268

I rolled it up and voila! Breakfast burrito!

I took the kids to school, went to a wax appointment and to get a spray tan….I’m going to Las Vegas tomorrow! Can’t be pasty!

For lunch I tried Jersey Mike’s Subs! I had never been before and was super curious about it. They have been popping up all around and I really wanted to try it.

April 2012 269

I ordered the roast beef & provolone sandwich on wheat bread. I had it “Mike’s Way” with lettuce, tomato, onion, red wine vinegar, olive oil, oregano and salt. I really liked it! Great fresh flavor! I normally love a ton of mustard on my sandwich but I liked the taste of the oil & vinegar. Jersey Mike’s for the win!

We leave for Las Vegas with some friends tomorrow morning. We are going to the Mayweather/Cotto fight on Saturday night. Tomorrow night we are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas: Circo at the Bellagio. They have this AMAZING spaghetti bolognese. The bolognese is ridiculously good and the pasta is hand rolled. I’m drooling as I type this. :)

What is your favorite sandwich shop?


  1. My hubby loves Jersey Mike's. He is also a big fan of Capriatti's. I've had bites of both and they are so tasty but never had my own. I usually do Subway because of the $5 foot long thing and I know they are low cal.


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