145.2...Pretty In Pink

It was raining Friday night so we decided to stay in. I made some fettuccine with marinara sauce for dinner. Easy.

IMG 7881

Saturday’s breakfast:

IMG 7883

Saturday was spent doing laundry, catching up on emails and cleaning up around the house. 

Lunch was a tuna on a salad:

IMG 7891

I took the kids to see Zootopia at Cinepolils. It was SUCH a cute movie! We all loved it!

Dinner was at Mia Francesca. I ordered a red fish topped with pesto and white anchovies. 

IMG 7894

While it was good, it wasn’t anything to write home about. 

Sunday’s breakfast: 

IMG 7905

I went to Lisa’a house for a baby shower to celebrate our beautiful friend Lauren’s new twin baby girls!

IMG 4624

Everyone wore pink and Lisa decorated her home with pink everywhere. Even the drinks were pink!

IMG 4551

IMG 4597

The baby shower was a tea complete with all sorts of tea sandwiches and little finger foods.

IMG 4569

IMG 4571

IMG 4570

IMG 4573

IMG 4572

IMG 4575

IMG 4574

IMG 4576

IMG 4578

IMG 4590

IMG 4594

IMG 4600

IMG 4605

IMG 4609

IMG 4620

Lisa even made the most beautiful pink diaper cake! 

IMG 4583

IMG 4584

IMG 4586

IMG 4587

IMG 4588

Tea time!

IMG 4628

IMG 4630

IMG 4636

IMG 4639

IMG 4642

IMG 4643

IMG 4647

We played a couple of baby shower games. One where the challenge was to guess what candy bar was melted in each diaper! You could do it by sight, smell or taste. I thought it was pretty hilarious and disgusting! 

IMG 4663

IMG 4659

IMG 4664

IMG 4665

IMG 4666

IMG 4669

IMG 4670

IMG 4673

IMG 4674

IMG 4676

IMG 4677

IMG 4678

Dessert was just as spectacular as the rest of the shower!

IMG 4648

IMG 4561

IMG 4562

IMG 4560

IMG 4563

IMG 4565

IMG 4566

IMG 4567

IMG 4568

Time to open gifts!

IMG 4653

IMG 4622

IMG 4697

IMG 4694

IMG 4729

Group photo

IMG 4611

Congratulations Lauren and thank you to Lisa for putting on a beautiful shower! Love you both!! 

The party wasn’t over then. I had event #2 later that night. We went with some friends to the Jewish Family Service Heart & Soul Gala at the Hyatt Regency La Jolla. There was a cocktail hour, followed by dinner in the ballroom.

The first course was a goat cheese and blue cheese tart.

IMG 7909

It was pretty tasty and very rich!

The main course was salmon. 

IMG 7913

Aside from it being a bit overcooked (for me), I thought it was pretty good!

Dessert was a couple of different mousse type desserts. My husband got a chocolate one so I traded him my fruit one for his. :)

IMG 7915

IMG 7910

So….I’m not digging this time change. It was dark when I got up this morning! No thank you!!


IMG 7916

The kids didn’t have school today because it was parent-teacher conferences. I went to my meetings, then ran errands. 

Lunch was the Seared Ahi Ginger Bowl at Green Spot Salad Company.

IMG 7917

Yum!! The only thing this place is missing is Sriracha. May have to bring my own next time….

When was the last time you went to a baby shower?

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  1. I guess I didn't know people did baby showers after the baby (or babies!) were born - she looks amazing!


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